Five Friends and Five Boys

Friends Veronica, Alyssa, Brianna, Haley, and Maddie are in love with the band One Direction. When they go to the dance at their high school, they didn't know who was going to be there or who knew the famous boyband. Will they fall in love or have major complications along the way to be happy? Read to find out.

**The Alyssa in this story is not realated to the Alyssa in my other story!! I'm writing this story for my friends and I! Thanks!! -Alyssa xx(:**


7. Alyssa and Louis- Loussa




**LOUIS' P.O.V.**


A few days ago, Haley told me that it was Alyssa's birthday today: June 20 and that day was today. 

Louis: Haley! What should I do for Alyssa's birthday? 

Haley: Well the girls and I were already planning a surpirse party so maybe you could occupy her? Maybe take her to the aqaurium or the beach

Louis: What time does she need to be back? 

Haley: It starts at 7:00 but we somehow have to get her there

Louis: I can say we're going on a date! Dress code?

Haley: Semi-Formal we already bought her dress and shoes so don't worry about it(: 

Louis: Oh never mind.. I don't know where I would take her... maybe you could say you're going to a club?  

Haley: That's a good idea! We'll say we're going to another party

Louis: Okay! See ya later and congrats with Haz(;

Haley: Shut up Lou :P

Louis: See ya Haley hahaa


I called Alyssa and asked if she wanted to go to the aquarium and she said she would go! I went to get ready and I picked out some shorts along with a shirt and a pair of grey Toms. I quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed my wallet, grabbed my keys, and walked out of the hotel and into the parking garage to grab the car to drive to Alyssa's.




Earlier, Louis called me and told me he was taking me to the aqaurium but before anything could happen, my parents came in my room to sing happy birthday and hand me my gifts. 

"Here you go Lyss," my dad said whilst handing me a small box. I opened it and saw a pair of keys sitting in box. I hit the alert button and then I heard a beeping sound in my driveway. The car that was making a sound was a little red Volkswagon Beetle. 

"Thanks Mom and Dad!! I love it!!" I exclaimed and then hugged them. 

"We're sorry but we have to go to work but we'll catch up with you later," my mother said. 

"It's okay I'm going out with friends," I smiled. They nodded and left my room for me to get dressed. Louis said he was going to pick me up at 11:00 and it was 10:00 so I decided to take a shower. 

When I got out, I went into my room with my towel wrapped around me and a towel on my head to pick out my clothes. I picked out a red sheer top, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sandals. I picked out my necklace that had the lyrics to 'Little Things', a brown leather bracelet that had brass accents, and then I grabbed my bag and put my wallet, camera, sunglasses, and my phone in it along with some earbuds ( I put the clothes on and then blow dried my hair, then curling it into loose curls. After that I did my make up with eyeliner and mascara with a little bit of fondation, blush, and concealer. I put my shoes on and looked at the clock where it read 10:45. I ate a muffin really quick then brushed my teeth. A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to answer it and there stood Louis. 

"Hey babe happy birthday!" He exclaimed whilst wrapping me in his arms, picking me up off of the ground, and swinging us around the front porch. 

"Louis put me down!" I laughed. He did what I told him to do but then he kissed my cheek. I just widh it was on the lips or he would ask me out already. I mean, Veronica and Haley are dating Niall and Harry so when will Louis ask me out? 

"Are you ready to go?" He asked. I nodded in reply and then he led me to the car. 

"We're going to have to take the river line if that's okay," I told him

"How come?" He asked. 

"It's an easier commute and it's quicker," I replied. 

"Oh okay, just tell me where we have to go," he said. I nodded and then told him the directions there. It took about 10 minutes there so we parked the car and headed to get our tickets. Louis paid for 2 tickets for a round trip from the aquarium and back home. A few minutes later, the river line came oup and we boarded it. 

"Are you ready for a fun day?" Lou asked. 

"Uhhh yeah!" I replied with a laugh. We took a seat away from some people and then I pulled out my earbuds from my purse. 

"Wanna listen to some music?" I asked. 

"Yeah sure," he smiled. I handed him one earbud and he put it in his ear while I placed the other one in my ear. I plugged them into my phone and put my music on shuffle. The first thing that came on was 'Stand Up' by none other than the boys. 

"Did you put this on?" He asked with a chuckle.

"No it was on shuffle," I replied. 

"Alyssa? "

"Yeah Lou?"

"I know your heart has been broken by a dickhead, but just know that I will never hurt you," he told me with the most serious face I've ever seen on him.  It's been a few weeks since we've met the boys and Lou and I have become best friends. I've told him things that not a lot of people know besides Veronica, Brianna, Maddie, and Haley. I was totally falling for him hard and he was such a great guy. I could tell him everything and anything. 

"I know you wouldn't Lou and I trust you," I smiled. He started to lean in and by this time, 'Stand Up' was over and 'Little Things' was playing in our ears. 

"You're perfect to me Alyssa," he whispered. He leaned in closer until our lips were centimeters away and then our lips touched. It was a sweet little kiss and then he wrapped his arms around me and I pressed my cheek into his chest where I could hear his heartbeat in my ear. 

I knew I wanted to give him a try but I was worried about the hate I was going to recieve from the fans. I know Veronica and Haley were getting some but Harry and Niall were doing their best to protect them but they were so in love and I was happy for them. 

"I think we're almost there Lou," I whispered.

"Mhmm," he mumbled, his cheek on my head. We sat there like that for awhile with the music still playing in our ears. 

"What song is this?" Louis asked whislt taking my phone. He looked at it and it was their X Factor performance of 'You Are So Beautiful'. "How did you get this?" He asked with a laugh. 

"Brianna downloaded it from YouTube," I replied. 

"We sound so..." he trailed off.

"Young? Little? Fetus-y?" I suggested.

"Fetus-y?" He asked.

"It means little and tiny. For example, here is a fetus picutre of One Direction," I smiled whilst taking my phone and scrolling thorugh my pictures and showed him the picture of the boys scolding the camera. "That's a fetus picture," I looked up and smiled. He burst into laughter and took the phone from my hands and stared at it. 

"This was the stupidest photoshoot we ever had! We had no idea what we were doing," he laughed. 

"I think it's cute! Look at Liam! He's taller than everyone and Harry's curls were so curly and your hair was just down and straight!" I exclaimed. "Okay I have to stop or I'm going to die of feels," I mumbled to myself.

"What was that?" He asked. 

"Nothing!" I replied to quickly. He laughed and then the river line stopped and it was our stop so we got off and made our way to the aquarium. He grabbed my hand and then intertwined out fingers together. Our hands swung inbetween us and then we bought our tickets. 

"So where do you want to go to first?" He asked.

"The Hippos!" I exclaimed. I dragged him down the stairs and then we saw the birds that were above the hippo's enclosuer and then I ran us down the ramp to the big windows of the tank. 

"Excuse me miss? Can you take a picture of us?" I asked a lady whilst handing her my camera. She nodded and then we walked over to the tank. We did one where were smiling then another one just incase, and then Louis quickly kissed my cheek and I laughed. I thanked her and then looked at the camera to make sure that they were okay. They were perfect. I placed the camera back in my bag and then I grabbed Lou's hand and we walked to the next exibit to the jellyfish and starfish. 

"Alyssa look at this!! It's Nemo!" He exclaimed. 

"AHH He's so cute!!!!" I laughed. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed the top of my head. We walked to the turtles and dolphins and took a seat on the bench that was infront of the tank. 


"Yeah Lou?" 

"I have to ask you something..." 

"What is it?"

"Well... I like you a lot and you're really sweet and different and kind," he paused. He is not... oh my god stay calm Alyssa. "And I want you to be my girlfriend. So will you do me the favor in being the Carrot Princess of my kingdom?" He asked.

"Y-y-yes, of course Lou," I whispered. He leaned in and kissed me. Our lips moved in sync and my arms wrapped around his neck whilst his arms wrapped around my waist. I pulled away to look at him.

"This is the best birthday ever," I smiled. 

"Oh it will get better! I promise," 

"Really?" I asked with excitment. 

"Really," he smiled back. We got up from the bench and contiued looking at the animals. 




When we got back to my house it was 4:00 and my 4 best friends were sitting on my porch.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"We're going clubbing for your birthday tonight since now you're 18," Haley smiled. 

"I'll leave you girls to get ready. Happy birthday love," Louis said and then he kissed me on the lips in front of my best friends.

"Bye Louis," I smiled when he pulled away. He walked back to his car, started it, and then drove away. I watched him as he drove down my road and then my friends ran up to me and pulled me into the center of the group hug.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMO!!!!" Brianna exclaimed. 

"WHY DID LOUIS KISS YOU? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" Maddie asked in excitement. 


"EXPLAIN THIS SHIZ!" Haley exclaimed.

"Okay back off and I'll tell you what's happening," I replied with a giggle. They all got off of me and I explained them everything to them; the kiss, the aqaurium, and the train ride.

"I'm so happy for you," Veronica said whilst hugging me. I smiled when she let me go and then Haley grabbed my hand and dragged me into my house.

"What are we doing?" I asked.

"We are going clubbing for your 18 birthday! We bought everything for you so all you need to do is sit in this chair," she said whilst sitting me in the chair in front of my vanity. "And let us do everything!" 

"Uhhh okay," I replied a little hesitant.

"Don't worry you'll look gorgeous!" Maddie exclaimed. Veronica started curling my hair whilst Haley did my make-up and then Maddie was painting my finger nials. Brianna was laying everyone's outfits out on my bed. After my hair and make up were done, I got up from the chair and waited for my nails to dr which took about 15 minutes. When they were done drying, I did Haley's make-up and then I did Brianna's while Maddie did thier nails and Veronica did their hair. After they were done, I painted Maddie's nials while Brianna did her hair in a braid/bun with flower clips in and then Haley did her make-up. Veronica's make-up was simple but her hair was put into a complicated looking twist with loose curls which Haley perfected. I painted her nails and by the time we were all done getting dressed, it was 8:00 and we were ready to go. I put my camera, phone, and some money in my wallet then placed everything in my wristlet. 

"Are you ready for an epic night of partying?" Brianna asked with a devious smile. 

"YES NOW LETS GO!!!" I yelled with excitement.

"Look at our little Alyssa turning 18 and going to her first party as an adult," Veronica said with a fake cry.

"Guuuys, I'm not that much younger than you," I whined.

"Yeah but you're the BAYBY of the group! You'll always be the baby," Brianna smiled and then hugging me. I laughed as they all hugged me and then when we pulled apart, we got in seperate cars. In one car it was Veronica, Haley, and I and in the other car it was Maddie and Brianna. 

"So where are we going?" I asked from the back. Veronica was driving and Haley was in the passenger's seat. 

"You'll see when we get there!" Haley replied whilst turning towards me with a big grin on her face. 

"Okay well I hope we have fun," I mumbled to myself. We drove a little bit longer and then we entered a car park so Veroinca parked the car and then we hopped out. We met up with Brianna and Maddie then we walked into the club.

"It's really dark in here," I said. "And quiet,"

"We have to go around this corner and turn this light on," Haley replied. When the lights turned on a bunch of people screamed "SURPRISE!!!!!!" and music started playing through the speakers. It was 'Want U Back' by Cher Llyod and I spotted some faces that were waaay to familiar. For example, I saw the orange hair that belonged to Ed Sheeran, the tiny figure of Cher Lloyd, and then the different girls of Little Mix. 

"How did you get Cher here?" I yelled in Haley's ear over the muisc.

"The boys invited her and I invited Ed because we're friends," she replied 

"I flacking love ya girl!" I exclaimed with a laugh and then hugged her which she returned. 

"ALYSSA!" I heard a fimaliar voice that belonged to my boyfriend (still can't believe I can actually say that!). He ran over to me and then wrapped his arms around me, lifted me off of the ground and swung me around. 

"Hey Lou," I smiled with a blush.

"Happy birthday babe and you look beautiful like always," he smiled and then kissed my lips softly. 

"Okay can you put me down now? I want to talk to Cher," I laughed then looked for my best friend Ericca who also loved Cher Lloyd. 

"Okay I see how it is," he replied then put me down but before I could walk away he kissed me cheek. I giggled then walked away to talk to my idol.

"Hello Cher!" I smiled.

"Hello! You must be the birthday girl! Happy birthday!" She exclaimed then hugged me. Oh my god she hugged me, breath Alyssa. 

"Thank you! It means a lot for you to be here, like this is the best birthday ever," I siad. 

"Oh no problem! So how's your 18th birthday going so far?" She asked with a smile. 

"It's amazing! This party topped it off!" I exclaimed with a laugh. 

"That's good!"

"Uhh... Cher? I have someone I would like you to meet. She loves you and she talks about you non-stop," I told her then grabbed her hand to bring her over to Ericca who I just spotted. 

"Ericca! I want you to meet someone!" I yelled over the music.

"Oh hey happy bir-" She cut herself off. "Oh my god! This is not real! Y-you're Cher Lloyd!' Ericca exclaimed. 

"Hello love! I heard you're a HUGE fan!" Cher laughed. Ericca just simply nodded with a huge grin on her face.

"I'm going to leave you two to talk! See ya later!" I said then walked away to find Louis. I found him and then I saw him talking to a girl and she looked exactly like Eleanor. I walked up to him and then he saw me, a look of relief spreading all over his face. 

"Hey babe, this is uhhh.... Eleanor," he mumbled.

"Happy birthday!" She exclaimed. 

"Thanks," I replied a little harshly which earned a slight nudge from Louis. 

"I'm just going to go. It was nice talking to you Lou," she smiled at him and that smile looked a little too flirty. We both waved and then I turned to Lou.

"Why was she here?" I asked. 

"I have no idea," he replied a little shocked about what just happened.

"She didn't kiss you did she?" I asked, my self-esteem instantly hitting the fan. Eleanor was so much prettier than me and I didn't deserve a guy like Louis, he was to perfect for me.

"No! That's not what happened at all! She just tried to get me back but I told her I had you! I would never leave you Alyssa!" He yelled over the loud music. I believed him and then grabbed his hand, dragging him to the middle of the dance floor. A slow song came on and I instantly knew the song. It was 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes. The opening chords started and then the lyrics filled the room.


You know I'd fall apart without you 
I don't know how you do what you do 
'Cause everything that don't make sense about me 
Makes sense when I'm with you 
Like everything that's green, girl I need you 
But it's more than one and one makes two 
Put aside the math and the logic 
You gotta know you want it too 
'Cause I wanna wrap you up 
Wanna kiss your lips 
I wanna make you feel wanted 
And I wanna call you mine 
Wanna hold you hand forever 
Never let you forget it 
Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted 
Anyone can tell you you're pretty 
You get that all the time, I know you do 
But your beauty's deeper than the makeup 
And I wanna show you what I see tonight 
When I wrap you up 
When I kiss your lips 
I wanna make you feel wanted 
And I wanna call you mine 
Wanna hold you hand forever 
Never let you forget it 
'Cause baby I wanna make you feel wanted 
As good as you make me feelI wanna make you feel better 
Better than your fairy tales 
Better than your best dreams 
You're more than everything I need 
You're all I ever wanted 
All I ever wanted 
And I just wanna wrap you up 
Wanna kiss your lips 
I wanna make you feel wanted 
And I wanna call you mine 
Wanna hold you hand forever 
Never let you forget it 
Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted 
Yeah, baby I wanna make you feel 
'Cause you'll always be wanted


"You look so beautiful," Louis told me, his blue eyes staring into mine. Of course, me being the person blushed and then mumbled a quiet 'thank-you'.

"I want to make you feel wanted," he whispered to me and then kissed me on the lips. 

The kiss was slow and sweet and it was like we were the only two people in the room. The now loud and upbeat music being drowned out along with the laughs and screams of my friends. It was just us. 

"How did I ever deserve you?" I asked, mostly to myself. 

"You're perfect Alyssa. When will you realize that?" He smiled. 

"I'm no where near perfect Lou," I laughed humorlessly. 

"Well you're perfect to me,"



The night continued with me cutting the cake, a billion pictures taken with my best friends and some famous people that now I can call friends, and so many memories were made that night. One of them being my best friends threw me a surprise birthday party with One Direction, Cher Lloyd, and Ed Sheeran there along with Olly Murs who I found later in the night. The boys performed 'What Makes You Beautiful', 'Little Things', 'Nobody Compares', and 'Truly, Madly, Deeply'. This was seriously the best birthday ever. 

When the girls and I said good-bye to the boys, we went back to my house and watched 'Mean Girls' and they ended up staying the night which was good because my parents came home really late (which was around 3:00 AM). 


I am glad to say this was the best birthday EVER. 

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