Die In Your Arms (Lovingly Mine Sequel)

Sorry I haven't updated anything in a while! It took me a really really really long time to find inspiration for the Lovingly Mine Sequel......sorry! But thanks to Mackelmore's song Thrift Shop...the inspiration is back! Please keep reading my little angels!


2. Your Limo Awaits

***Time Skip To Before Party***

*Harry's POV*

I was walking down the corridor to Rachel's dressing room in the hotel. When I knocked on the door, there was a sound of shuffling around and a muffled 'One minute!' when I knocked. The voice sounded british so I assumed it was Lou (Teasdale not Tomlinson). "Can I come in?"I knocked on the door again. "Yeah." Rachel replied that time. "Alright! Everybody decent?" I joked around. I opened the door to see Rachel sitting in a revolving chair in front of the vanity wearing a white silk robe while Lou was curling her hair and Justin was sitting in the corner taking pictures and posting them to Instagram. "You almost ready darling?" I stuffed my hands in the front pockets of my black chinos. "Yes. It should only be a few more minutes. Lou just has a few strands left on my right and then I'll change into my dress and be down." Rachel touched up her lipgloss. She wasn't wearing much makeup which made me happy. "Okay. I'm going to go back down to the lobby." I kissed her forehead and left.

*Rachel's POV*

I stepped into my gown and Lou zipped me up. "Here." Justin handed me my silver Prada kitten heels (an early birthday gift from Harry). I slipped them on and stood back in front of the mirror. "Nice." Justin noted. He put his arm around my shoulders and stood next to me. He was dressed in black chinos, a white button up and black vest with a silver bow tie. He polished his nails on his vest. "I was talking about me." He smirked. I pushed him away, giggling. "Thanks Justin." I commented and we all headed downstairs. When I reached the bottom step...the boys were waiting. Harry held out his hand to help me down. Liam put a silver tiara on my head that said 'Birthday Princess' in cursive script. I giggled and blushed. "Come on! Your limo awaits!" Louis said impatiently. "Limo?!" I was completely confused. "Yeah." Harry scratched the back of his head. "Well then...okay. Let's go!" I said back. Sure enough there was a black stretch limo right outside the hotel. We hopped in and the driver took us to the venue. There was a large banner outside that said "Rachel's Sweet Sixteen!" in bold font. "You seriously didn't have to do all of this for me!" I whined to Harry. "But I wanted to. I wanted to make this night special for you." He looked down at me. his piercing green eyes practically seared a hole through me. I had to look away to keep from blushing real hard. We walked into the party and was mobbed by some fans that had won an invite to my party through local radio stations. That I believe was Louis' doing; so I smacked his arm and he laughed and brushed it off.  A girl about my age with green braces and her friend who looked a little older and was wearing a purple bow in her hair came up do Harry and I. "OMG! You guys are an even cuter couple in person! Can we have your autographs? Oh and don't sign them with your names...sign them 'Gedward'." The girls handed Harry and I their, what looked to be, their autograph books. I flipped open Green Braces and brushed past a few familiar signatures: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and even Jennifer Lawrence. I scribbled Gedward onto an empty page and included a little note. "By the way. What is Gedward?" Harry handed Green Braces friend back her book. "Oh it's your shipping name! It started trending last night!" Purple Bow pulled out her iPhone and showed us the trending topics on Twitter. Gedward was at the top as well as the hashtag #GedwardForever coming in second place. "Hm. Not bad." I nodded my head. "But why Gedward?" I continued. "Because we couldn't find a cute shipping name using your first names or last names. So some girl on Twitter came up with using your middle names. And thus, Gedward was born." Purple Bow and Green Braces both held out their arms as if holding a baby. Harry and I cracked up and took them with us to the nearest table. They seemed like pretty cool girls so we decided to keep the conversation going. After about 3 hours (2 of nonstop dancing and 1 of eating birthday cake), there was some commotion near the entrance of the venue. "What's going on?" I craned my neck around and saw everybody gathering at the doors. "IDK. Let's go see." Green Braces, Purple Bow and I linked arms and walked to the front of the crowd, Harry following closely behind and slipping his arm around my waist. Outside there was a mound of God knows what covered by a hot pink sheet. With a flick of a wrist...the sheet came flying off...revealing a navy blue BMW convertible with white racing stripes down the middle of the hood and trunk. "OhmygodHarryisthisforme?!" I put my hand over my heart. "Yep!" Harry grinned proudly. "Harrynowyou'vereallyoverdoneit!" My words mashed up again.

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