Die In Your Arms (Lovingly Mine Sequel)

Sorry I haven't updated anything in a while! It took me a really really really long time to find inspiration for the Lovingly Mine Sequel......sorry! But thanks to Mackelmore's song Thrift Shop...the inspiration is back! Please keep reading my little angels!


1. WAKE UP!!

***Time Skip To A Year Later***

**Rachel's POV**

****NYC, NY****

"Harry...Harry...Harry...Harrold...Harrold...Haz...Hazz! Hazza! WAKE UP!!!" I whisper-yelled in Harry's ear. We were in a hotel and today was my sweet sixteen. Even though Harry was on tour...he insisted upon taking me with him and throwing me a huge party.     "Five more minutes mum!" Harry mumbled...his face buried deep into his pillow. I laughed at his comment. "Fine then. I guess I will just have to spend my sweet sixteen alone then." I started to fake-walk out of the room and into the bathroom when Harry grabbed my arm.  "I was just kidding love!"  Harry shot up from his bed smiling at me. "Good. I thought you would never wake up." I joked while Harry pulled me onto his lap.  "Happy birthday angel." He kissed my forehead before getting up to get dressed.  "Thanks Haz." I blushed.

Later on we were with the boys at McDonalds for a quick breakfast before heading off to the dress shoppe across the street where the boys were going to seperatley hand pick a dress for me to wear at my party. And I got to choose the dress. I was super excited and so was Louis.

Whilst I was drinking my McCafe, my phone started ringing and I checked the caller ID. It was Justin. I haven't talked to him since I left with the boys for tour at the airport. I tapped answer and greeted Justin.
"Hey JuJu! I've missed you!" I squealed excitedly into the phone. "Woah! JuJu?!" Justin protested. "Yeah, JuJu." I made it up just now. It's your new nickname." I bragged. "Um okay. So anyways...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" A chorus of voices filled my ear.

"Who all is there?" I asked. "Everyone! Scooter, my mom, Selena, and my man Ryan." Justin listed off some names. "Thanks you guys! You still coming to the party Justin?" I was now sitting in Harry's lap in the booth at McD's. "Wouldn't miss it for the world!" JuJu hung up and I put my phone back into my bag. "Can we go dress shopping now?" Louis whined.
"Yes! TO THE DRESS SHOPPE!" The boys and I darted across the street to the store. We were in the back in the dressing parlor after about 30 minutes, "Whose dress first?" I asked...a silk robe tied at my waist. Compliments of the Dress Shoppe.

(http://www.polyvore.com/dress_choices/set?id=75292081) Everybody enjoyed watching me 'model' the choices. I chose Liam's and he gladly purchased it for me. Today was the best.

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