Living in Hell

17 year old Dracaena, lives in an orphanage in Leyden Massachusetts. After watching her parents die in there tragic home burglary. Three weeks before her 18th birthday she meets a young man by the name of Zayn. He saved her life. Dracaena had been having a rough time in and out of hospitals having physic evaluations. It's hard to hide your secrets in this town. You can't trust anyone not even the innocent


2. Why... It just needs to end

Dracaena POV:

 So today.. My birthday.. 8 years since my parents have been killed. Im finnaly free from that program... I bought my car today. Not that that matters. Im moving to boston to attend some collage. I havent decided if i want to attend MIT or BU.. MIT might bring back bad memorys but its a good school, at BU alot of my "friends" are going. Its a hard decision but i think i need a year off. Im going to see my grandmother in her nursing home tomorrow. I havent seen her since my parents funeral when I got taken away. I miss her. The state didnt think it was a good idea for her to see me in the mental state I was in. The scars still remain, she may ask about them but i hope not... 


 Zayn POV:

  As I get off the plane at logan i see my family. Oh have i missed them. When i called to tell my mom i was coming last night she was happy. I cant plan these things because of the fans so i have to make it as last minuete as possible. While on the phone with my mom i found out they had to put my grandfather into a nursing home because hes beginging to forget everything. She wasnts me to go see him tomorrow so i can see him before he forgets me. She said he talks about how im always on the news and in those teenybopper magizines. Gotta love grandpa. 

   When i got to my mothers house it hade been raining, A nice day in Boston with a few showers here and there. So i decided to go out to get some good old coffee from the local Dunkin' Donuts. I was so tired from flying from california. But i have to be up early tomorrow. Im not looking forward to the family get together. Im afraid the familys going to see the wounds on my arms.. Or that im not eating. Maybe they will understand? I mean it could be worse right? I could have turned to drugs... I dont know I just feel like a dissapointment... 

Dracaeana POV: 

  Todays the day I see her... Im just gonna get up get some coffee and walk there. I have to be there by 9 to be able to stay for a while.. Ive been hiding from this side of my family for so long... What if she doesnt want to see me because her sons in jail and its my familys fault. What if shes mad at me for testifing... I havnt been eating again.. i mean its not that hard to stop just say you have already eaten and your good. I got a second job at the mall and im woking my butt off so that i dont touch the money my parents left me.. That million is in case of an emergancy.


Zayne POV: 

  As we walked through the doors all i could smell was that smell all old people have. It was weird. There were alot of people here and all the staff seemed verry nice. The familys could chose to hang out in there familys memebers rooms or in the wide room in the front.. We figured we would hang out in the front just incase he had a moment of forgetfullness. This scared me. I didnt want to lose my grandfather


Dracaena POV: 

   I walked into her room and she turned around in shock. I started to cry. She started to cry and got off her wheelchair and came and gave me a big hug. She told me how much she missed me and asked if we could go into the large foyar in the front of the home. She wanted some coffee. SHe explained how the familys been doing everything they couldnt to find me and how they cut off my uncle. It feels nice to know i still have family



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