Living in Hell

17 year old Dracaena, lives in an orphanage in Leyden Massachusetts. After watching her parents die in there tragic home burglary. Three weeks before her 18th birthday she meets a young man by the name of Zayn. He saved her life. Dracaena had been having a rough time in and out of hospitals having physic evaluations. It's hard to hide your secrets in this town. You can't trust anyone not even the innocent


4. The Story Of Us

Zayn POV:

   As I walk into the coffee shop I see her sitting there casusaly playing with her nails. its really cute and i wish i could stand here and just watch her, but thats kinda creppy! So i walk in and shout her name and she almost falls out of her seat. Almost everyone in the shop recogonizes me and I say " Sorry guys but todays all about this beautiful lady in front of me" I dont think i have ever seen someone blush as much as she did. Her cheeks are beautiful and her long red hair with a tint of a blond type of color. I look into her beautiful blue eyes and ask her why shes wearing a long sleeve shirt in this weather, It may be the begining of December but it was like 60 degrees out. No one and I mean NO ONE wears long sleeve shirts in New England when its this nice. She relplys " I could say the same to you!" 

Dracaena POV:

   He was on to the whole me wearing a long sleeve shirt thing... But he was wearing one to. So after we got our coffees I asked him if he wanted to just go to my flat and watch some movies and talk. He was so happy i asked because he wanted to talk to me about a few things. This seemed so crazy I just met this kid and hes acting like we have known each other for years. Whatever either way i was falling for him and i was falling hard. whch i have taught myself not to do since my last expiernce. When i was in eigth grade i was on a robotics team, i met this really cute ginger and i liked him alot. Turned out he liked someone else, that was a bad experence. Anyway i hope Zayn likes me, I mean i dont like him because hes famous or anything but i know we have a connection. But before we even got back to my house he turned and said " I know we really dont know each other right now but i wanna make you mine, i dont wanna think about someone else having you. So i guess im asking you to be my girlfriend?" Without thinking i scream yes and he picks me up! I scream in pain, him not knowing about the cuts on my side he looks at me funny and i say ill explain when we get to my house... 

Zayns POV:

 Shes my girl OH MY (: I cant belive it.. But the only problem is when i picked her up... She screamed in pain that worries me..She told me she would explain. That also worries me...But hey now i dont have to worrie about losing her anymore i couldnt handle that feeling :( 

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