Living in Hell

17 year old Dracaena, lives in an orphanage in Leyden Massachusetts. After watching her parents die in there tragic home burglary. Three weeks before her 18th birthday she meets a young man by the name of Zayn. He saved her life. Dracaena had been having a rough time in and out of hospitals having physic evaluations. It's hard to hide your secrets in this town. You can't trust anyone not even the innocent


3. The Meeting

 Dracaena POV:

  While getting my Nana some coffee I saw this really cute boy with his ill looking grandfather i think. He was cute. But there was something i noticed about him. He was wearing a long sleve shirt. Yes it was april and a bit fridgid outside but not for that shirt, and that shirt was so last season so you could tell he was wearing it to hide something. I know what thats like. When i went to go sit back down with my Nana I saw him excuse himself and stepped outside for a smoke.. So I did the same thing. Smokings a bad habit but i only do it when im nervous. Nana had to go take her medication anyway. When i approched him and asked him how long he had been smoking for and explaind i was trying to stop. He looked me in my eyes and i knew there was something special about him, then it clicked hes part of that boy band.. One... one.... ONE DIRECTION! Oh my god was i excited!! I really only found a couple of there songs nice but man were the band members attractive!! We had a nice convorsation and exchanged numbers.


Zayns POV:

   When i walked out of the nursing home to smoke a quick drag a nice lady followed me out and started to talk to me. I could tell she wasnt a crazy fan girl by the way she approched me. When she relized who i really was though she was honnerd to be talking to me.. She asked me about why i was wearing what i was and as she asked she rubbed her arm.. So i looked down and saw her scars. So i showed her. After about standing there not even really smoking i had learned alot about this girl.. What was her name?? Uhh.. drac....Dracaena.. But she tild me i could call her Darccy because thats what her mom had called her when she was a child.. After i finished a nice convorsation I gave her my number and told her to text me and that i would be in boston for a couple weeks.. 


Dracaena POV:

   When I got back to my appartment i made a cup of tea and sat down on the couch. I turned on one of those tv shows where they spread gossip. Zayn showed up.. I smiled and though of texting him.. Little did i know he had beat me to it. I thought he was a very nice man. He acted like more of a child though.. He asked me if i wantd to meet up for coffee tomorrow and he would pay. Im not passing up on a free coffee. 


Zayne POV: 

   "Well Im meeting up with her today mom. Wish me luck" i chuckeld into the phone. My plan was to talk to her about everything in life and if i still liked her as much as i did was to ask her to hang out with me up at my vacation house in Canada right by the falls.I really think me and Darccy have a chance to be a remarkable couple. Maybe then traveling with the boys wouldnt be so hard with someone who understands me by my side.. I can only hope...

*NOTE* Sorry for the really short chapter i cant really fit the rest within this title so I will update tomorrow Hope you like it guys :*



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