Living in Hell

17 year old Dracaena, lives in an orphanage in Leyden Massachusetts. After watching her parents die in there tragic home burglary. Three weeks before her 18th birthday she meets a young man by the name of Zayn. He saved her life. Dracaena had been having a rough time in and out of hospitals having physic evaluations. It's hard to hide your secrets in this town. You can't trust anyone not even the innocent


1. Near the end.

As Dracaena walked through the musty hallways. Being stared at by everyone. She had just gotten checked out of her latest week at the hospital. She was knows as the freak in school, worthless, ugly, orphan. Why you may ask? It's because she didn't fit in. He parents had died almost eight years ago, on her tenth birthday. She had watched them be killed by her drug addict uncle who wanted there money. Dracaena was then put in the local orphanage. Everyone tht she met when she first showed up had been adopted, except her, why? All because of the scars on her arms, the scars on her legs, he medication problems. Dracaena had been self harming.

Zayn pov: Why, why can't anybody understand me? Why am I such an outcast. I don't fit in in this band I wasnt made for this. This is so much stress involved in this. The fan expect so much of us. Girlfriends, that's another story. I've been through so much in my life I don't know how to do this anymore. Maybe ill just run away. Just for a few days go see my family in Massachusetts, maybe just maybe I need a break. Plus the tours about to end. Maybe I should just tell the boys theres a family problem. Nothing major just so i can think.... Maybe... See the thing about the boys is they try to help but they make it worce by not giving me my space. They come home with me, to visit the family that has moved to America because thats where we seem to be alot. I mean I love them and all there just so overwhelming.

Dracaena POV:

Its friday and im going to pick up my paycheck. My bank account has a good amount of money because I dont have to buy anything for myself the state does it for me because im in there custody. Allthough I had to watch my parents die, my life has gotten semi better. Not much but its okay. I found out where my parents are burried at. Also they caught my uncle. I miss my parents. I was having a normal tenth birthday party blowing out my candles and eating my cake. Little did i know as i was about to go to bed my world be turned upside down. I was bounced from foster family to foster family after my parents died. That was untill i got put into this place ive been here since I was 12.The next year I started self harming because I was thew "weird" girl because I had the money my parents had left behind for me. My dad was a profeser at MIT. My mom was the founder of a orginaiation for heathy foods. So lets just say thats why i have monet. Next weeks my 18th birthday. I hope this one acctully means something to me. 

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