Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love

Rylan Louise Hale has been best friends with Zayn Malik sense grade school. He was there for all of the bullies, scrapes and bruises, cries, and laughs. When it came to the seventh grade I knew. I knew I was in love.


1. Missing You

"Come on Charlie!" I jumped onto my bed and turned on my laptop. I signed into Skype as my little golden retriever hoped into my lap. A minute later I got a Skype call from Zayn. I answered "Hey Zayn!!" He looked around before talking "Hey Rylan!" "How have you been? Where are you! And when are you coming home?" I whined. "I'm coming back in a week! We're in Florida right now." He laughed. 

"A week! Thats wayyyyyy to long!" I groaned and picked up Charlie. "Say hello to Charlie!" I said. Zayn laughed and said "Hello Charlie." I heard a ruckus and Zayn sigh. "Hey Rylannnn!" I heard the boys say in unison. "Zayn loves you!" Louis yelled. Zayn blushed and shouted "No I don't! Shut up!" My heart dropped a little. I knew he didn't love me, but that's okay. As it goes for me, I was completely in love with Zayn.

Zayn sighed "Sorry about that...Sometimes their...nerds." I laughed and looked at the clock, 9:17 pm. 


I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock, 1:23 am. "Zayn?" I asked quietly. "Yeah?" He said. "Sing me to sleep?" I asked wile laying down. He smiled and said "What song?" I thought for a moment and said "When I Was Your Man? By Bruno Mars?" He softly chuckled and started singing "Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now. Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same." 

I smiled and closed my eyes. "When our friends talk about you, all that does is just tear me down." I started to feel myself drifting slowly to sleep. I could he him laugh and say "Goodnight beautiful." 



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