I'm Eighteen! Get Me Outta Here!

Alice, an eighteen year-old girl from Great Britain is currently living with four of The Worst sitters ever. Alice has already spent two months with them, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and her boyfriend, Niall. Alice now is going to school, her last year of school. Of course her Grandmothers boyfriend has made it possible for Alice's terrible sitters to accompany her on her seemingly endless Ten Months of Highschool. Alice is not amused with this, she hoped to slide by under the radar, but now that her stunning sitters are coming, unnoticed is something Alice with Never be.


1. What day is it?

"Get away! Leave me alone Andrew!!" I screamed with ragged breath. My pitiful attemps to leave his grip and run through the gridwork streets only made him squeeze my arm harder. "Alice, Babe, I want you back! You'll be mine forever!" He said with a booming voice. His dark black hair and cold, icy blue eyes seemed to stand out against his pale skin. I bit him on the arm and kneed him and ran away, like I did every night. Even more angry "Get back here you little slut!" I ran and ran trying to escape from him, but my gracefullness never fails and I tripped over nothing. I fell smashing into the cold hard concrete ground. I heard him getting closer and closer, until I hear him say "Got'cha Alice-Mae" and awake from this terrible nightmare. Andrew, my pyhscho ex-boyfriend just another thing to tack onto my never ending list of terrible things.

"Alice! Princess, wake up!" I heard my ever protective boyfriend say. "Sorry Niall, did I wake you?" I asked in a frightened voice, my arm felt wet and the covers were in a mess, my mouth was dry. "Nope, not this time." he said with a reassuring smile. He quickly pecked my lips and stated he was going to shower. I slowly crawled out of our shared bed and into my closet. Once inside I chose a pair of light blue shorts and a baby blue tanktop. Immeditly after I got dressed, I shook my hair out of my sleeping bun, and ran a comb through my thick blonde curls. I put mascra on my long lashes, and took a long look at my green eyes. They change with the seasons, soon they'd be a dark blue color.

I walked down my huge staircase to the kitchen where all the boys were sitting. Niall looked up at me and told me to sit down. Each boy had a certain look in their eyes. "Alice, do you know what today is?" Liam asked with a small smile, I felt a wave of confusion wash over me. "Yeah, September 2nd" I said "Why?" Harry and Louis began to laugh and Zayn walked over to me and draped an arm over my tight shoulders and whishpered in his deep, seductive voice "It's your birthday Love" "Oh, No big deal. Anyone want pancakes?" I asked, standing up. Five sets of eyes looked at me like I just started speaking Latin. "Alice!! You're Eighteen!!" Louis screamed, in his Oh-so-Sassy tone. I began to laugh as her grabbed my arm, he led me to the door and glared at me. "Honey, we're going shopping."

"Louis! I refuse to wear this!" I shouted at him through the dressing room door. "Try it on, or I'll tell yourgrandmother you're being naughty!" He shouted back. "Yes Queen." I muttered under my breath. "What was that?!?" He shouted. I shrank back in the dressing room "Nothing Louis!" I smiled, knowing I had been caught. "That's what I thought!" I obeyed my Queen and put on the item of choice. I felt awfully drafty as I walked out of the dressing room. "Damn! You look F.I.T!!!" We're buying the dress. "But Lou!! It's to revealing!"I whinned. "Quit your cry! You look hot and it's the perfect thing to wear clubbing" I shook my head tried on the rest of vlothes Louis brought to me. Skirts, shorts, a couple of tank tops and some normal shirts. "Louis When are we going to be done?" I cried. He began to laugh at me. "Quit being a whin-ass, one more thing to try on." He threw a pair of pants over the changing room door. Oh, and Yes, Louis is going into the women's dressing room. He got into a bitch-fit with the owner of the little store, saying he wouldn't bother looking any of the tramps in this store anyways. The owner obviously beaten shamefully let Louis come inside to give me clothes. Louis cat-walked out of the changing rooms, and I slide on the tight, yet comfortable pants. I walked out and Louis demanded I turn around. I quickly spinned and he had the biggest grin on his face. "Your bum looks amazing." He said, and I blushed. "Don't be a pervert Lou! Plus, don't look at something you can never have." I winked at him and walked up to the counter to pay. "You're not paying." He quicly said and slapped the money from my hands. It went all over the floor. I glared at him and bent over to pick up my money. He scanned his credit card, and whispered in my ear. "Don't be so sure about yourself." He grabbed my butt quickly and finished picking up my money. I instantly gasped and the young boy who was working the counter looked at Louis with respect. I glared at the boy, "Keep dreaming kid, I have a boyfriend."

"But Niaalll!!" I whinned for the third time. "Louis hit my butt and it really hurt!" He started laughing, "You shouldn't have upset the Queen!" We both went into a fit of laughter. "I'm going to go to my room babe" I said recovering from my laughter. I slowly walked down the hallway to my room, I pushed open my door. "Hiya Alice" Harry said cupcaking on my bed. "What in the hell are you doing?" I asked pushing him off the edge of my bed. "Nothing babe." He quickly said. He ran from my room and into his own, shutting his door. I jumped on to my bed and shut my eyes, only to be intruppted by a pair of lips crashing into mine. "Niall..." I moaned. "I'm tired stop." I opened my eyes not to my ever-loving boyfriend, but to none other than the Bradford Bad Boy, Zayn Malik. "Sorry.. I got Jealous." Zayn said planting akiss on my neck. "Zayn, No" I said sorrowfully. "Sorry babe, You're just so Irreistable" He whispered softly. "Oh and get ready Lou says we're going clubbing, wear the dress he got you." Just as fast as he came, he left.


Hello Beautiful Girls and possibly Guys!! First chapter of my second movella!! Sorry it took so long, I got super lazy and Movella wouldn't let me make my cover. But I published it!! Tell me what you think (: Comment, Like and Favorite, it'll be much Obliged. Kay Thannks Babycakes! (;

XOXO but No homo (;

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