I'm Eighteen! Get Me Outta Here!

Alice, an eighteen year-old girl from Great Britain is currently living with four of The Worst sitters ever. Alice has already spent two months with them, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and her boyfriend, Niall. Alice now is going to school, her last year of school. Of course her Grandmothers boyfriend has made it possible for Alice's terrible sitters to accompany her on her seemingly endless Ten Months of Highschool. Alice is not amused with this, she hoped to slide by under the radar, but now that her stunning sitters are coming, unnoticed is something Alice with Never be.


2. Clubbing

"Alice Hurry up!! We have to be at the club in an hour!" Harry yelled from down the stairs. I groaned as I quickly jumped out of my nice refreshing shower. I quickly shaved my legs, and loaded my legs with lotion. "I'll be ready in a half hour you bossy Brit!" I called back to him. I heard him let out an annoyed sigh and continue getting ready. He needs to stop hanging out with Louis. I quickly slipped on the tight leather dress Louis picked out for me earlier. I matched it with a pair of black pumps, and sparkly earrings. I smiled and quickly ran downstairs. "Somebody help me with me zipper please?" I called out. My entire backside shown and you could see the top of my black lace panties. I expected Liam to come running, but he didn't. I sat there a moment until farmilar hands pulled at my waist and quickly zipped me up before planting a surprised yet welcomed kiss on my neck. "Hi Niall" I said, and let out a little moan, tilting my head back as Niall ran his hand across my thighs and softly nibbled the sweet spot on my neck. I parted my legs a little and his hand crept all the way up, until a thoroughly aroused Harry called out "Errmm.. Guys hate to be a cock block, but can you finish that later?" I began to laugh as Niall's cheeks turned red. I kissed him quickly and whispered into his ear, "we'll finish later." I ran my hand down his front and grabbed his Member. I quickly let go, and with a quick devious grin I walked out the front door.

It smelled of liquor, sweat, and sex. I walked into the packed club, sliding against people; avoiding sexual remarks. I finally made my way over to the bar, where Niall had a beer and some sort of pink color liquid waiting for me. "What is it?" Niall began to laugh at my inexpirence with Liquor. The bar tender gave us a warning glace. "She just turn eighteen." Niall explained, and I slowly shurgged. "Happy Birthday Hottie." The bar tender replied with a wink. I smiled at him and turned back to Niall who slugged down his beer. "Drink up!" He called merrily. I shrugged, and slowly grasped the small, yet intimidating glass of foul smelling liquid. I chugged it down, and throughly regretted it. My throat burned, my stomach churned, and I began to cough. The bar tender slide a unopened can of Pepsi. I smiled gratefully when I heard it was on the house. I turned my head while chugging down to Niall who was in a fit of laughter. "What's so funny Irish boy?" I asked smirking. "You can't take liqour, can you?" I gave him a pair of evil eyes, and shook my head. He laughed, telling me I'll get used to it. I shook my head. "Want to dance sexy?" I felt hot breath on my neck, the mans breath stank of beer. "No, I have a-..." I was interrupted by a pair of sloppy lips crashed into mine. "Fucking stop! I have a Boyfriend!!" I opened my eyes to see Zayn standing there with a giant grin on his drunken face. "Zayn, stop it. Go home, You're drunk." I spat at him. "Alice, I love you.. Be with me!" He shouted between hiccups. I shook my head, and called for Niall. He quickly appeard and Zayn quickly left. "Yeah babe?" Niall asked as he wrapped his arm around me. "Take me home."

I shrank into my sheets realizing tomorrow would begin a new day, starting my senior year of highschool. "Fuck" I shouted out loud as my alarm went off at 6:00 A.M. I decided to sleep in my room since I had school the next day, and Niall would try keeping me up. I looked at my phone, blinding myself, September 7th, 6:03 A.M.

"Alice! Get down here! You're gonna be late for you first day!" Louis shouted from downstairs. I finished applying masacra, and slippped on my flats. I decided on a bright floral dress and to wear my hair down for the first day. I slowly walked down the huge staircase, mumbling and grumbling to myself. I turned into the front room to find Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, ad Niall holding various backpacks, and books. I got my tan messanger thrown at my head. "You gotta be fucking kidding me."


So Very sorry! PLEASE DON"T HATE ME! I've been extremely grounded.. I was failing my Algebra class.. It's all good now though! So please Like, Favorite and comment! I'll come out witht the next chapter soon! Kay guys!!

xoxo But NO homo (;

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