The One that Got Away

When zacharie falls inlove with her best friend they realize that they are perfect for each other. What happens when Justin (zacharies best friend) gets in a car accident and passes away. Will she find new love or will she decide to kill herself to be him in heaven.....
Read to find out c:


1. Meeting him for the first time


     was looking around the room nervously trying to figure out where was the person that i was supposed to be meeting.

 Waiter: Excuse me miss...we are closing in less than 20 minutes. Is the person here yet?

Honestly i was getting scared because this has happened to me know waiting for your date and he never comes, yeah i know it hurts a lot. By the way im Zacharie (yeah i know its a boys name but people call me Zach for short.

Zach: but im leaving already sorry for making you wait so long.

Waiter: Its ok and the guy who ditched you is a complete idiot for not coming. His words were so sweet that i forgot about that guy for a second

Zach: Thank you and goodnight.

Waiter: no problem have a nice evening.

 I faked a smile and with that i left. While i was walking home i felt eyes looking at me, at that moment i was freaking out. I walked a little furher when i came to a complete stop....

 Zach: Whos there?

Stranger: Ohh sorry for scaring you but im kind of lost.

Zack: Umm its ok and where are you supposed to go if i may ask

Stranger: well my friend Josh sended me to this restaurant to meet a girl but i got lost and now im late.

 Zach: ok and do you know the restaurants name?

Stranger: Allys Italian Grill.

 Zach: ohh what a coincidence i just came from there. Sorry to inform you this but they closed like 10 minutes ago.

Stranger: ohh man she probably thinks that i did not want to go. Well i was not supposed to come anyways Josh was the one who needed to come but he met this girl and next thing you know i was the one she was going to meet.

Wow that is all i could think of , anyways i was wondering if this was too much of a coincidence you know going to the same restaurant , him being late and my date not showing up well a little to much you know.

  Zach: ohh and i never asked for your name sorry about that.

Stranger: Its ok and my name is Justin nice to meet you.

 He said it with a huge smile that it made me smile.

  Zach: Ohh and umm im Zacharie but people call me Zach for short.

  Justin: Thats an interesting nmae you got there.

  Zach: yeah my dad picked it since my mom got to pick my older sisters nmae.

Justin: ohh ok and i should probably call the girl that i was supposed to be meeting.

 Zach: ok no problem plus i should probs be going home its getting late.

  As i was about to turn around i felt hands turning me around.

Justin: can i atleast get your number?

   Zach: sure its 555-0129

 Justin: Thank you and ill text you soon, ok you should get going now bye.

 Zack: Bye and you never gave me your number.

 Justin: Ohh its 555-0128.

 Zach: OK bye again.

I felt a little smile rise when i turned around and this time it wasnt fake.



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