1D Picked Me!!!! (harry styles and niall horan)

18 year old Sisters, Paige and Aurora Summers are just two of your average teenage girls with rich parents, living in Hollywood, California. Until one day, their lives change foreverwhen they find out they were choosen to go on tour with their favorite band, the One Direction! Crushes develop.friendships are tested. Relatioships are started. What will happen? Find out in....... "1D Picked Me!!!!"


2. The Choosen Ones Part 2

Paiges P.O.V
My hands got cold as we were walking back. i dug through my bag for my gloves. i only found one. "Shit!" i muttered to myself. Oh well, i put the glove on my right hand and tried to keep the other warm by stuffing it the pocket of my purple peacoat. i finally gave up and let my arm swimg by my side. Niall must have seen my struggle to keep my hand warm because he grabbed onto it with his gloved hand. i looked at him at the same time he looked at me. i would have gotten lost in his gorgeous icy blue eyes, but thankfully he looked away. we walked inside ad niall let go. i took off my coat, hat, and one glove. niall walked up and started talking to the boys. aurora walked next to me. "i saw you and niall holding hands." she whispered. "i only had one glove. my hand was cold and he was trying to warm it up." i whispered back. she started to say something, but stopped when we walked in the office and up to that microphone that goes through the PA system. the princible walked up to it and pressed the button. "classes, please excuse the interuption. we have a very important announcment" harry and niall step up to microphone. "as you know, one direction has been holding a contest for two girls to go on tour with us." harry says. "and the winners are....." niall says "paige summers!" now harrys talking. "and aurora summers! congradulations girls!!"
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