The Surprise of A Lifetime

Rebecca is the ordinary girl. She is like anyone of you. She is in love with five boys she has never met. On her birthday her best friend makes her life. She gets the surprise of a lifetime!


4. The birthday surprise

~Rebecca's P.O.V.~

There are all shades of purple everywhere. I see balloons floating high, streamers everywhere, and it looks like huge birthday cards from the whole senior class hanging up everywhere! Just as I am taking this all in I hear an angels voice singing behind me. "Happy birthday to you!" Four very different yet still just as beautiful voices join in: "happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Rebecca! Happy birthday to youuuuuu!" I can do nothing but stand there like an idiot. I am just standing there when One Direction is right in front of me! I must be in shock!

Finally Elizabeth shakes me out of it and says "well? How did you like that?"

"It was amazing!!!" Finally I turn back to the boys and say "I have been in love with you all since the first day I watched the X factor in 2010. I never thought I would actually get to meet you! And see you in person! This is the BEST birthday ever!!!" I knew if I screamed and freaked out it would just make a bad impression on me so I stayed calm.

I hear Louis start to say "well, love, you'd better sit down with us so you can eat your lunch!" "

Okay," I turn towards our table and see its blocked off by...body guards...and lead them the way "...lets eat then!" The table only has eight seats. It goes Liam, Elizabeth, Louis, Harry, me, Niall, Zayn, and a body guard sits down.


We have a long conversation about the boys. And well me...and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Niall keep stealing glances at each other. I find out its nothing bad when they say completely in sync with each other "This may be the end of lunch, but not your party!" I can only dream of what can come next.

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