The Surprise of A Lifetime

Rebecca is the ordinary girl. She is like anyone of you. She is in love with five boys she has never met. On her birthday her best friend makes her life. She gets the surprise of a lifetime!


3. My birthday

~Rebecca's P.O.V~

I am sitting in algebra III, my least favorite class and am zoning out thinking "OH MY GOSH! WHAT IF ONE DIRECTION BURST IN HERE?" And of course as I am thinking this my teacher decides to call on me.

"Miss Smith? Can you answer the question?" I of course don't know what he asked in the first place so ill go with the next best answer

. "Why, Mr. Anderson the answer is 1D to the problem b2 + b2! Obviously!" Mr. Anderson looks at me and knows I wasn't paying attention with my One Direction related answer. He lets me get away with it anyways.


After class I make my way over to my best friend, the most prettiest, nicest girl I have ever met, Elizabeth. "Nice answer Rebecca! I couldn't have come up with something in that matter of time!"

"Well," I roll my eyes for exaggeration, "I am a genius! But I don't think b2 + b2 does equal 1D. But ya know..."

"It's time for lunch! Are you ready for your birthday surprise?"

"Yes of course I am!"

"Well good! You'll love it!" 


Elizabeth takes of the red blindfold she placed over my eyes and says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE!" I open my eyes and I can't believe what I see.

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