The Surprise of A Lifetime

Rebecca is the ordinary girl. She is like anyone of you. She is in love with five boys she has never met. On her birthday her best friend makes her life. She gets the surprise of a lifetime!


5. And yet another surprise

~Rebecca's P.O.V.~
At the end of the day i walk out of school to see a limo, for guess who, the boys, Liz and me. I would never have guessed this. But. It happened. So by the time I make it to the limo and get inside a half hour has passed because I had to walk through a huge paparazzi crowd. And if you haven't done that it isn't fun. I hear that angels voice again, "love, how was the rest of your birthday?"
I take a moment to form the words. "Well, it couldn't have been any better. I loved every second. Especially whenever it had to do with 5 special boys!" I wink at them.
Harry's voice chimes in, "glad you enjoyed it."
And Zayn, "We loved the fact you didn't freak out. Like half they girls in the cafeteria. We appreciated that part!"
And Liam has something sweet to say "you seamed very greatful. Most girls would act like snobs. I love that about you. And Elizabeth."
Louis chuckles. "Such a Liam thing to say huh?"
I don't know how I should even respond to I turn and check my makeup. Well it's a little much than normal, but hey it's my birthday after all.
"You don't need to check your makeup beautiful!" Niall says with a genuine smile. "I bet you look even prettier without it!" I feel heat seep into the back of my neck and spread up to my cheeks. Oh gosh.
"And Elizabeth," Liam starts, "you look great too. No need for all that makeup!" She blushes. Probably just as much as me. I feel someone watching me. I expect there to be someone on the other side of the window. There isn't. I glance around the car and Niall's gorgeous blue eyes lock with mine for a split second before he looks away and flushes.


We arrive not long later at my house. "Wait here you two." Louis says with that mischievous grin girls worldwide fall in love with. "We will be back soon to fetch you!"


Just as Louis promised they were back no later than 10 minutes. Niall comes up to the car opens my side of limo while Liam opens Elizabeth's and grabs my hand, winks, and pulls me towards my front door.
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