Dark Side

"Will you love me? Even with my dark side?"


4. Chapter 4

~Third person~


One month.


Two months.


Three months.


Four months. 


Five months.


Every one has given up. No one thinks Molly is going to wake up. Well only one person still has hope; Luke. He's the only one who thinks she'll wake. Every one is calling him crazy or stupid for thinking she'll wake up. He still says she'll wake up. He's starting to lose a little bit of faith.


Six months.


Seven months.


Eight months.


Nine months.


Luke is loosing more faith. As each month passes, the more he thinks she won't wake up. It's been nine months. She hasn't waken up yet.


"Luke, she's not going to wake up. It's almost been a year." Beau said to his brother.


"Beau just shut up! She will wake up!" Luke yelled.


"Alright. Alright." Beau replied, putting his hands up in surrender.


Ten months


Eleven months


Twelve months


You would expect Molly to be dead. Nope, she's still fighting. Every day she keeps fighting trying to open her eyes. It's like some one has glued them shut. MOLLY JUST OPEN UP YOUR FREAKING EYES!  She yelled at herself. This happens every single day. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Well today it did. Her eyes opened up.


"Where is every one?" She asks herself.




I found my phone on the side table plugged into the wall. A little convenient if you ask me. I unplugged it then went scrolling through my contacts till I found  certian person. I hit the call button and waited. After a minute of ringing he picked up.


"Hello? Who is this?"


"It's me, Molly."


"I'll be there soon." Then the line went dead.




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