Dark Side

"Will you love me? Even with my dark side?"


3. Chapter 3


~Third person~

Just as Luke was about to set off to Molly's house his phone rang. It's Ember; Molly's mum. He can barely make out a words she's saying since she's crying uncontrolably. He could only make out two words; Molly and Hospital. He said that he'll be there as soon as he can. He ran out the door and straight into the car, put the keys in the ignition and floored it to the hospital. He parked in the closest space to the door, then ran to the front desk.


"What room is Molly Peters in?" Luke asked, clearly out of breath.


"Room 246." The nurse replied without looking up from the computer.


He thanked the nurse then ran down the hall, up the stairs, a left, right, up another flight of stairs then down the hall. He finally reached room 246. Molly's room. He lightly knocked on the door then walked in. Ember passed Luke a letter.


"It's from Molly, I found it in her room." Luke nodded. He unfolded it carefully, scared he would rip it.


'Whats micky without minnie, whats tigger without pooh, whats donald without daisy, that's me with out you. Even though you hate me right now, I still love you. Don't ask me why, I just do. I'm sorry. I'll see you again one day.


This is all my fault. He thought himself. It's all my fault she's in here. If I didnn't snap at her she wouldn't be in here.


For the first time since he entered the room he glanced over at Molly. It broke his heart even more to see at least six machines hooked up to her. His eyes started to water and not long after tears started flowing like water falls.


Ember just arrived at Beau and Jai's house. She knocked and about five minutes later they answered.


"What happened?" Jai and Beau asked.


"Molly, she's in the hospital."


The two boys didn't need to be told to get their butts in the car. Ember got in the drivers seat, then floored it back to the hospital.




I can't see anything. Only darkness. It finally worked. I'm finally dead. The darkness suddenly turned into a blinding white light I closed my eyes to spare them. When I opened nmy eyes again I wasn't in my body.  Okay, that doesn't sound right. Well I could see myself from another persons view. Six or more machines are hooked up to my body. I looked over and saw Luke with his head in his hands.


"Please wake up...please"


I looked towards the door and in walked my mom Jai and Beau. The two boys gasped. The blinding light came back, then darkness. I heard them talking with a doctor or a nurse. They said I put myself into a coma. That I lost so much blood that I might not even wake up. I heard sobs come from every one in the room.


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