Dark Side

"Will you love me? Even with my dark side?"


2. Chapter 2



Luke has barely been talking to me lately. Is he mad at me? Does he hate me? I just want to know if I did anything to make him mad. I walked down the street to his house. I knocked on the door and Luke answered. As soon as he saw me his smile faded.


"I just came to ask why your mad at me."

"Isn't it obvious? You're keeping secrets from me when I tell you everything!"

I froze. I can't freaking tell him that. I'm the only person who knows. "It's not important, if it was I would tell you and you know that."

I don't know what he thinks it is, but he's pissed. You could probablly see steam coming out his ears.

"Leave. I never want to see you again. Just...just get out of my life!" He yelled.

"Fine by me." It hurt so much to say that. He slammed the door. I turned around and ran all the way home. I ran up o my room and locked myself in.


~Third person~


She is laying in bed with the door locked. The cutains are drawn and the light's off. THE NOTBOOK is in the DVD player. An empty tud of ice cream is on the floor next to dozens of crumpled tissues. She's got her music balsting, so loud no one can hear her sobs. Her fingertips are smudged with black, from wiping away mascara-stained tears. She's replaying their last conversation thinking I'll never get him back.

He is sitting on the edge of his bed with the door locked. The curtains are drawn and the light's off. CALL of DUTY is in the Xbox. The controller is laying on the floor, right beneath the spot he nearly punched the wall in his own fustration. He's got the music blasting, so loud no one can hear his cries. His hair's a mess from running his hand through it. And he's replaying their last conersation thinking she'll never take me back.

Molly pulled her shirt up, reviling all the scars she gave herself. That's her dark side. The secret she was too ashamed of to tell any one. She broke one of her raisers, then dragged the blade across her stomach. She felt like she lost the battle tonight. Like theirs no point in waking up tomorrow. She tied a rop into a noose, then hung it from the ceiling.

Luke is so fustrated with himself. He loves Molly to death, but he got so upset that she wouldn't tell hime what the secret was. He started to punch holes in his wall. Beau and Jai are starting to worry about him. They can only hear the sound of blasting music and the wall being punched. I'll go and apologize to Molly tomorrow. Luke thought to himself. But little did he know, life had something else planned.  


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