Dark Side

"Will you love me? Even with my dark side?"


1. Chapter 1



Normally I would be haging out with my boyfriend Luke and our friends, but they had to go somewhere for a few days. They're coming back some time today if I'm right. Right now I'm just laying in bed half asleep and half awake. The stupid birds woke me up. Those darn things can't shut up.

"MOLLY WAKE UP!" Five voices yelled.

Some one sat on me, one shoved their feet in my face and the other three are jumping on my bed.

"Luke, get off of me and Beau get you're feet out of my face before I smack you!" I yelled. As you can tell, I'm not a morning person.

"Well some ones not a morning person." Jai said with a laugh.

"You've known me for how long and you just relized this?" They just laughed at my statement. "Now out of my room."

None of them left me room. Ugh. I grabbed my clothes and walked into my bathroom to change. I locked the door then pulled on my yellow on my yellow tank top, black shorts then put my brown hair up into a pony tail.

"TIME FOR THE 3L RAINBOWMILK CHALLENGE!" Skip yelled. I rolled my eyes at him.

We all went down stairs and grabbed the milk. I grabbed the food colouring from the shelf then followed them outside. I got yellow, Luke got orange, Beau got blue, Jai got green, Skip and James got red.

An hour later we finished the challenge. None of us have puked...yet. Beau came up to me then dumped a bucket of paint over my head. It's on like donky kong! I whiped paint at him..put he ducked so it hit James. And that started our paint war. Colours started flying every where. Pink, green, orange, yellow and many more. About two hours passed, all of us, covered in head to toe with paint.

"Is all the paint on you's dry?" My mum asked, poking her head out of the back door. We all nodded. "Then get inside and wash up."

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