I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


2. winners!

*Maria's P.O.V*
It was Saturday and lets just say, I didn't get a pleasing wake-up call. "GET THE HELL UP WE'RE GONNA MISS THE ANNOUNCEMENT YOU SPOON!". I checked the time, it was 2:30 (p.m.), the winners were announced at 3, "must have over slept, oops" (note the sarcasm). She dragged me out of bed. after the usual morning routine I just brushed brushed my hair down (it's naturally straight), I wore my black vans, blue skinny jeans and  black and white stripe shirt, and for a little kick i added my black beats head phones, I told Rabia to wear her red beats.
*Rabia's P.O.V*
After i went through my morning routine I straightened my hair (naturally curly), I wore my red vans, red skinny jeans, black and white stripe shirt, red suspenders (remind you of louis?) and i wore my red beats 'cause Maria told me too. Me and Maria sat down in-front of the TV and ate a cream and cheese bagel. Finally the announcements were about to come on, they played the music video for Kiss You first, the names were displayed on the TV:
Liam; Chris/ Louis; Matt/ Niall; Maria/ Zayn; Rabia/ Harry; Emily
*Maria's P.O.V*
I was reading the names with Rabia, I didn't know boys entered the contest? I'm guessing Rabia read our names at the same time that i did 'cause our mouths just like... DROPPED. Then I heard Rabia whispering something to herself, "shit, shit, shit". "What happened?" she sounded angry, "Zayn's with Perrie! I wonder how my week's gonna be" she said. Wow i forgot about that...
*Rabia's P.O.V*
Great, I forgot about the whole 'Zerrie' thing, I mean, it's not that i don't like her or anything, it's just that I really wanted things to work out between me and Zayn but I guess I'll just have to get through this week. I gave my mom a hug goodbye and I drove me and Maria to the place where all the winners met. Emily and Chris were fun to talk to but Matt was a little quiet. Maria was trying to tell me something but I didn't listen, "I swear I just saw Liam" Maria just gave me a weird look. 

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