I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


3. meeting the boys

*Maria's P.O.V*
"I just saw Liam" pfffffft ok. "Are you sure?" I asked, "he was right ove-" her sentence was interrupted by some announcer, "Are you ready to meet One Direction?" then Liam walked in followed by the rest of the boys... WOW I never thought I would actually get to meet them one day... I hope Niall likes me.
*Niall's P.O.V*
Management wouldn't tell us who the winner were they said we'd have to see for ourselves. "Get to your boys contestants!" the announcer announced. Everyone had separated, the girl that came to me was GORGEOUS, she had beautiful black brown hair and gorgeous eyes and when I say gorgeous I mean it. "What's your name gorgeous?" I could tell she blushed...
*Maria's P.O.V*
"What's your name gorgeous?" ohhhh shit did Niall fucking Horan just call me gorgeous? I can't even respond 'cause I'm too busy blushing -_- really Maria really... "M-Maria" was all I could say, "Hi, I'm Niall" he smiled. His accent was d.a. the cutest thing I've ever heard. "I know who you are" I let out a little laugh.
*Rabia's P.O.V*
It looked like Niall and Maria were getting along real swell, I wish I could say the same for me and Zayn -_- Right now he is literally talking on the phone, completely blocking me out. I really just wanted to slap him right across his face. The boys actually rented hotel rooms for the week 'cause they don't want anyone to, you know, stalk them and what not... I tried to introduce myself but when I held out my hand he completely ignored me! And there I was, the only one who wasn't talking to their 'prize'.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
She was beautiful, but I was with Perrie so I will keep my distance. Her eyes were the prettiest things I have ever seen, they were hazel, just like mine :), but I need to shut up and act like I'm not interested. I felt like a jerk, just letting her stand there by herself... but what can I do?
*Rabia's P.O.V*
After about 10 minutes i realized he was done talking so I tried to introduce my self again..."Hi, I'm Rabia" I held out my hand and he shook it then he turned around and was dialing a number on his phone. Well isn't this going to be a good week -_- 

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