I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


9. 'Let Me Love You'

*Maria's P.O.V*
After we were all had our day out we met in Louis' sweet, cause obviously Louis would have to have the biggest room, me and Niall decided to leave the room earlier, so we could just like, chillax in our sweet, "Be Safe!" Rabia shouted before we left, I laughed and left so I could snuggle with my Nialler, haha never thought I'd say that :)

*Harry's P.O.V*
We all went to Louis and Matts room, everyone was watching TV, "Hey why don't we sing some songs" I heard Zayn say, then I saw Rabia get up and walk to the door, "I'm just gonna go, you guys can have fun singing to each other" she said trying to leave the room, pfffft she's not getting away from this, I grabbed her arm and closed the door, "Nope, we are all going to sit in a circle and sing, especially you" I said pulling her closer to me, I guess I am a flirt, but I don't know, I like flirting with Rabia, she's cute and funny, plus she's single ;) "No, I don't have to" she said, "oooh aggressive aren't we" I said holding her, "Shut up Styles" she said about to laugh cause I was tickling her side, "tickle too" I added. "Shut the hell up love birds and sit in the damn circle!" Louis yelled, Rabia rolled her eyes, and sat, I sat beside her. All the boys sand just random songs and were being stupid including me, then we all looked at Rabia and she just shook her head shyly, "I know what'll make her talk" I said and acted I was going to whisper something, I covered my mouth with my hand like I was telling a secret, then I lightly bit the tip of her ear.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
I saw Rabia's eyes widen, what was Harry doing? I got really tense when I first saw him grab her close to him, she was My Girl, Did I just call her my girl? "Fine!" I heard Rabia yell interrupting my thoughts, "I knew it would work" Harry said smiling at her, I never really care about Harry flirting with girls, but he just pissed me off this time, "umm how's 'Let Me Love You' by Mario sound?" she said shyly, "perfect, now go!" I replied. She took a breath than started,
"Baby I just don't get it..." (you know the rest), after she was done we all just sat there with our mouths open, "Was I that bad?" she said confused, "You were perfect" Harry said and I mentally rolled my eyes, "you have a great voice" Liam said, I was shocked, honestly, I didn't expect her to be that good, "Well I'm tired so I guess I'll be going, bye guys" she said giving all of them hugs, Harry held her the longest -_-
"You're a really good singer" I said while we were walking to our room, she blushed, "Thanks, but your better" she laughed, When she got inside we both changed into out pajamas, well she was in shorts and a tank, which was kinda attractive... I was just in my sweatpants, yup that's right, I wasshirtless you pedophiles ;), I tapped on the spot next to me on the bed and she gave me a weird look and pointed at the other bed, "Well you cuddle with Liam so-", "Ummm don't blame me for that one" she spat, "well I"m cold so hop in" I tried an excuse, "Dummy that's what blankets are for" she laughed, "Can you just hop in?" I said laughing and lifting up the blankets, she just shrugged and got in.
*Rabia's P.O.V*
I said that I would respect 'Zerrie' and I will, I waited till Zayn fell asleep, which really didn't take long, like he needs beauty sleep he's perfection! Anyway, I got out and tucked him in, then I got into my bed and went to sleep hopefully he understands....
Competition? sorry, I told you guys this chapter was going to be short anywhoooo can you vote? #Rayn, #Riam, or #Rarry? 


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