I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


8. Laser tag/CarnIival

*Rabia's P.O.V*
Great first he wants to ignore me and now he wants to take my phone and become best friends? No niggay, it don't work that way... Man I do not get this boy. The whole car ride was ehhh I guess ok, he put the music up at one point and I started to sing but I stopped when I saw him look at me, I'm kinda shy when it comes to singing, relatable anyone?
*Zayn's P.O.V*
Man that girl can sing, but I wanted to here her without the radio, yuh know? "You sing?" I asked. "I do but not around people" that's a shame. ****
When we got to the mall she warned me that since I offered to pay I would have to take her to where she wanted to go, what did I do. We ended up stopping by Foot Locker first, man this girl knows how to spend ... She bought like 3, and should I say very expensive shoes and a couple slides, I got her a grey nike shirt and grey sweats, it was to make up for being a jerk when I first met her. "Well aren't you a big spender?" I said while looking at the receipt, "Well I wasn't the one who decided to invite someone to the mall and offer to pay for everything honey" she said smiling and pinching my cheeks. "Well I think I should get to pick where we go next" she sighed, "fine". "C'mon" I said grabbing her hand, I'm manly enough to say I actually got butterflies when our hands touched...

*Rabia's P.O.V*
When he grabbed my hand I felt goosebumps throughout my body, could I really be having butterflies and shit? When we stopped walking I noticed he had took me to some lazer tag arena, "They have lazer tag here?" in a mall?,"yeah, why not?" he replied. When we walked in I saw Liam, Matt, Louis, Chris, and Harry waiting in a line to get in, Zayn put his arm around me before we walked over there, like... Da fuq brah? I wont lie, I did enjoy it =). "Liam!" I yelled and they all turned around, I got out of Zayn's grip and gave them all hugs then walked back to where I was originally standing and Zayn put his arm back over me, it was awkward cause I had just remembered 'Zerrie' so I moved his arm off me and he gave me a weird look, then I saw Liam give him a look but I couldn't tell what he was thinking...
*Liam's P.O.V*
She really did give the best hugs. I really got tense when I saw Zayn's arm around her, I mean, he couldn't be into here, he had Perrie, right? I had to get her away from him, I could tell she didn't like him cause she moved his arm off of her shoulder. "Lets play" I said grabbing her hand and taking her away from Zayn **** "Blue or red?" she asked when we got to the vests, "ummmm red?" she smiled, "Then I'll be blue". I laughed, "sounds like little miss Rabia wants a challenge", she brought her face closer to mine, "bring it" she winked, it turned me on a bit, but guess who had to barge right in and ruin the moment, you guessed it, Zayn -_- 

*Zayn's P.O.V*
When I saw her and Liam's faces get close to each other, I couldn't take it anymore, I walked over to them, threw on a blue vest and took her hand and told her to come with me since we were on the same team, I could tell Liam didn't like it though, he'll have to deal with it.
*Liam's P.O.V*
After the game Rabia and I. Stood under the tv to see what our scores were, she was The Joker and I was Batman. "Ha! I beat you!" she cheered, "By only like 3 points" I said a little embarrassed, "aww no need to be embarrassed Li" she said squeezing my cheeks then went to go talk to Chris, Matt, and Harry, I still need to settle this whole Rabia thing with Zayn.
*Niall's P.O.V*
I took Maria to a carnival today. I wanted to win her something but she won at most of the games. I finally got her a penguins plush, I gave it to her and kissed her on the cheek p, "you missed" she smiled, "What?" what did she mean? "You missed" she repeated giggling, then grabbed my shirt pulling me in for a kiss. Obviously I kissed back, I did feel something, but I felt like something was missing... I chose to ignore it cause other than that the kiss was great. I guess now was the time to ask, "Maria, would you care to be my four leaf clover?" I said trying to be fancy, she gave me a weird look, I laughed, "My girlfriend" 
*Maria's P.O.V*
"My girlfriend" he laughed, that word replayed in my head, but I quickly responded, "Y to the fucking YES!", he smiled, which made me smile, I wonder what our ship name's going to be... Hmmm I like Miall!
*Zayn's P.O.V*
It seems like Liam fancies Rabia, but for some reason I couldn't let that happen, I saw Liam walking towards me, am I in trouble again?
"What the hell was that!" he whisper shouted, I just gave a look, "What?", I knew what he was talking about I just didn't want to deal with it, "Don't. play dumb with me, you were all over her today, with the holding hands and the arm around the shoulder, what about Perrie?" crap, "Oh shit bro... Being with Rabia made me forget about her" I said and slapped my forehead, I feel different around Rabia, even better than I do with Perrie, I need to get my head straight, I'm with Perrie not Rabia. "Well you need to make up your mind, cause I was thinking of taking her out tomorrow" what?, "N-no please, wait till I can get my head straight" I begged, "Fine but only because you're my friend and I trust you'll make the best decision" and with that he left, I'm confused BIG TIME.

Next chapter will be short.... Sorry :/ but more drama will be coming!!! Bai now =)

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