I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


7. Jealousy

*Zayn's P.O.V*
I was really hungry so I decided to wake up everyone up then go down for breakfast. I woke up Chris then taught him my magnificent hairstyle, and Harry, Louis, and Matt were already up. I went to go wake up Niall and Maria next, it looked like them two hit it off ;) . Next was Liam and Rabia, I found them all cuddled up, I don't know why but my fists had tightend, I got jealous, but why?
"Liam talk now!" I yelled and he woke up,
"What the hell zayn?" he said walking out of the room with me,
"Does she have to be with you while you're sleeping?" 
"Why do you even care? your with Perrie" he spat, to be honest, I don't know why I cared,
"Whatever, just give me back my room mate" he rolled his eyes 
*Liam's P.O.V*
I was pissed off at Zayn, Why did he care? He's with Perrie. When I got in the room I noticed Rabia was still sleeping, she looked so peaceful. "Love, you need to wake up", she stretched, then opened her eyes,
"Are we going down for breakfast?"
"yeah but your room-mate wants you back"
"My so called room-mate doesn't even know my name Liam"
"I know but you won him, and he said he wants his room-mate back"
"oh.... ok" she gave me hug and walked out of the room and into Zayn and hers.
*Maria's P.O.V*
I woke up cuddled up with Niall. I was pretty comfortable. I heard Zayn loudy yell for us to wake up -_- "Morning gorgeous" Niall said. Ahhhhh! I loved it.when he called me that, "Good morning" I chuckled. "Better get ready for breakfast, then I'm starving" I laughed at what he had said, "When are you not?" I said laughing. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and did all that morning stuff, I just brushed my hair down and put on my 'I ain't even mad bro' shirt with blue skinny jeans and my black Jordans. 
*Rabia's P.O.V*
When I walked into, well technically 'our room' I didn't say anything to Zayn, it was all awkward silence. I just went to go take a shower, brush my teeth, and all that goody stuff, I left my hair out curly and put on my hair out curly and wore my. 'you mad bro?' shirt with my black sweatpants and black Nikes. I just walked out.of the bathroom and looked at him, he was just staring at me, what the hell? "Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer" I spat, it's not that I didn't like him, I just hate it when someone just stares at me like I'm some kind of alien.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
She just looked perfect, the way her hair bounced and shined, her soft skin, she had the nicest tan, the way her body was, everything, I didn't realize I was staring at her until, "Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer" uh oh, She had a short temper, it was cute when she got mad, what am I saying? I have Perrie, I don't like her... right? "Let's just go down for breakfast, everyone else is already eating" I said trying to get rid of some of the tension.
*Rabia's P.O.V*
When we got down for breakfast I quickly moved away from 'Mr.Awkward' and made my way to Maria "ooooh shit, we match!" Maria said, which made both of us laugh, especially when we saw Chris' hair... He really did do it like Zayn, "You jelly?" he said walking over to us, "no, I'm peanut-butter" I replied, we all laughed. We were all sitting down eating together, Emily was the only one not eating breakfast with us, "hey Harry p, where's Emily?" I asked. "She told me that she had to leave because her boyfriend doesn't trust her with me" he said with a confused look, Louis chuckled a bit until Liam hit him in the back of his head, which made me laugh. "Problem Louis?" Harry said, "Well you are kind of a flirt" Louis' said, Harry gave him a look and flipped his hair and just went back to eating, drama queen. After we were done eating breakfast we all made plans for the day, well except for me and Zayn, everyone headed off but we just went upstairs to our room, how romantic...
*Zayn's P.O.V*
It was too quiet, and boring, all Rabia was doing was playing on her phone, "So what do you want to do today?" I asked, "naaa I'm good, you can go hang out with Perrie, you know, since you had so much fun talking to her yesterday" she smiled sarcastically, ouch. I took her phone, "No, you are going to get off this phone and we're going out" I said in a demanding way "ugh, where? She said sighing loudly, "ummm how's the beach?" I thought it was a nice day out, "ewww no I hate the beach" she said. "the mall?" I said hesitantly, "okay, but your buying" I laughed "you think I'm joking?" she added, I did ...

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