I'm Gonna Getchya

What happens when you win a contest and get to spend 1week with 1boy...


1. contest entering

*Rabia's P.O.V*
Me and my friend Maria were at CVS. We were browsing through some magazines when something caught my eye, "Hold up" I took the magazine from Maria and flipped back to the page. I quickly read it then exploded inside, "HOLY FUCK NUGGETS, MARIA READ THIS SHIT!" The cashier looked at me and gave me a look saying 'SHUT UP', I just rolled my eyes and turned back to Maria. In the magazine there was an advertisement that said 'SPEND 1 WEEK WITH 1 BOY' and there was a picture of One Direction under it. When Maria read it she was being, well you know, the usual fangirl type and so was I.
*Maria's P.O.V* 
OH MY GAHHHHD! What if I win one of the boys. "We have to enter" I said. Rabia looked at me and said "no duhhh", so we bought two magazines and filled out the form to enter and sent it in. Rabia chose Zayn and I chose Niall, the contest winners would announced on Saturday, today was Friday. If you win, all winners meet up at a location and get to meet the boys and hope they get 'lucky'. Everyone was only allowed to enter once, which was good cause some fans be O.D.ing on the entering shit -_-
*Rabia's P.O.V*
After we entered and stuff, Maria and I headed over to my house for the weekend. Both of us could see who the winners were together. We ordered pizza and wings and watched old shows like 'The Sweet Life Of Zack and Cody' and shit like that. Later we were just listening to music on fly 92.3, WMYB came on (fangirl mode: ON). I got up and yelled, "OH, DISS MAI JAMMM!", Maria was trying to tell me to stop but she was too busy laughing. We were going to sleep 'cause it was like 3 in the morning, I was on twitter. Then I see that earlier today Liam tweeted that he was doing a follow spree, so i gave Maria a shout out,
@urrrgyou: @Real_Liam_Payne can you follow @ShughlaMalik please?
like usual I got no reply but it's whatever...

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