As Your Friend

Ashley. Better known as Ash. She is known around the world as one of the best Pop, Rap, and Latin singers. Of course she is from Mexico. She had the best life as a kid. But it all changed one day after school. After she moved on. She got her career as singer at age 15. And now at 19.


2. New Me and Touring with the lads.

7 years Later~~~~~~

 I woke up to a new day. New Life. Now a world wide celebrity at Pop, Rap, and latin. Nice life huh. I moved on from the past. For i knew my parents wanted me to be happy. I spent 3 years in the orphange before a record label found me. Its a secret record label. They let me be myself. They dont control the way artist act cause they know that a true artist is a true person. And i love it. I left my house with my maneger beside me, McKenzie. I got into the car in my pajamas and my favorite pillows. I put my feet over Mckenzie and fell asleep. Even though its 2 in the afternoon. I could tell she didnt mind since i do this almost everyday. Once we got to the studio i got changed into a jersey the was cut down the side with some shorts and some converse. Once i got dressed i walked into the room and yelled at the top of my lugs. "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" everyone jumped since it came out of nowhere. Its my job ^.^ . "You might wanna save your have a long day mostly in the booth." Zack, my music producer said. "Lets get it over with...Can i get some hot chocolate..anyone??" i say. "Its coming" Mckenzie says while looking at her phone. I get in the booth and wait for his signal. I see his fingers count down.....5.....4......3....2.....1. 


"911 its a critical emergency...yeah...

Better run run run come and charge him with the 1 4 3...yeah

Told me this world was mine such a beautiful lie.

Now he's done done done and this love is no more for me


Hand in the air as he wave me goodbye

He said he cared but no tear in his eye.

And ask me if im alright..

N-gga is you blind

Like a bullet your love hit me to the core

I was flying till you knocked me too the floor

And it's so foolish  of you keep me wanting more


I'm screaming murder,

How could you murder us,

I call it murder.

No Love Allowed"

As i was half way done. I saw 5 guys...wait a second...Isn't that....ONE DIRECTION!!! AWSOME!! I love working with other celebrities. They were watching me finish the song until i was finally done. I walked out and SOMEONE FINALLY BROUGHT ME MY HOT CHOCOLATE. They boys where with Simon Cowell.. DOUBLE SCORE.! "Ash..I would like you to meet Simon Cowell and his boys One Direction." I shook Simon's hand and looked over at the guys. "Hello" i say in a innocent voice. "Hello" they alll said in sync. They all introduced themselves and yeaa.. "So guess what Ash. " McKenzie told me. "What?" i ask. "The guys and you are going o a world tour together."  Did she say that correctly or was it just me choking on me on my hot chocolate. "Are you kidding me thats insane..this is my first world tour.?" I yell. "Our's too" they say jumping also celebrating. "Tour buddies" I heard Louis say in a diva accent i just laugh and we botty bump each other. This is gonna be fun. I could see McKenzie had an embarcing look on because of me. And Simon was just looking at us as if we were crazy. "Also the tour wont start until 2 months so we thought during that time the boys would live here in atlanta...with you" she said calmly. "Awsome!!" Finally i wont be lonly.." ..

"Alright so while continue today's work for tomorrow so zack you have the day off" after McKenzie said that Zack ran right out like lighning."okayyy....anyways and the guys are going home now" Yaaayy


Finally at home..

"Nice place" Zayn commented. The rest of the guys agreed. Zayn has been staring at me lately...awkard.."Thanks" i say cheerful. We run in and i show them their rooms. And the put their stuff away... We all then met up at my room. Once the got and saw my room they saw how colorful it is. "Okay so lets get to know each other" i say.. 

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