As Your Friend

Ashley. Better known as Ash. She is known around the world as one of the best Pop, Rap, and Latin singers. Of course she is from Mexico. She had the best life as a kid. But it all changed one day after school. After she moved on. She got her career as singer at age 15. And now at 19.


3. New Family...

"Lets get to know each other" i suggest. They all agreed. "So tell us about you ash" Zayn asked with a little smirk on his face. "Ummmm...ahhhhh...I love games.." i say thinking about me. This just got akward. "And" Liam said trying to continue my sentence. I found myself hanging of my bed upside down. I put my and to my cheeks pulling them down. I gasp for drama "I DONT EVEN KNOW MYSELF." They all laugh. I get up and ask them. "So what about you?" i ask them. "Well to make things easier lets just use the internet." Louis suggested. "okay" i say and grab my laptop. I turn it on and niall grabs it going to youtube. 

~4 hours later~

""Are we done." i saw almost asleep. How much do fans know about them?? "Yes we are, now to know about yourself, try looking your self up." Harry suggested. "Um okay" i say. I take the computer from niall and put it on my lap. I click and type on the search bar. 'Ash facts' . Searching. WOW!! almost 5,000 videos. Each one about an hour long. My jaw literally drops. The guys notice and look. Its normal for them but i never knew about this. "Okey now lets check one out." They nod and click on a video. It had pictures of me and fans. Then it all came back to me. Turns out im AWSOME.  After the video it was 12 a.m . And we decided to go to bed, So i then go to  my closest picking out a cropped top with some fluffy shorts and my fluffy slippers.Of to bed!. 


I woke up to the smell of Bacon..BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shot up from my comfy bed and ran straight for the kitchen. Seems like im not the only food lover as Niall came running out of his room as well. I quickly grabbed a hold of him as i squat down. And he notices so he dropped to the floor. "Niall you want bacon right.?" I whispered. He nodded. "Ok then we have to sneak the food or they will take it away. Got it" I explained to him. He looked excited. He slowly crawled over to the kitchen like spies. I mouthed to him as i saw the bacon. 'I HAVE A VISUAL'. I the slowly crawled up as no one was there. I quickly grabbed the bacon with another plate and split half for niall and me. I ran to him and told him to run. And so we did. Once we got to my room we began munching. We then heard someone yell. Probably Harry. "WHO TOOK MY BACON....NIALLLL...ASHHHH!!" CRAP. I quickly told Niall to put the bacon in the bathroom as i put i a movie as if we were watching one. He quickly came back and jumped on the bed.and pulled me in to a hug as if we got comfortable. Which i actually was. Hes warm. Then the door flew open to reveal the new sherlock holmes. Harry. "DID YOU GUYS TAKE MY BACON?"...


XX um so do you like it..comment if you want me to keep going. It might go slow since i have my CRCT coming up in 2 weeks so..yeaaa COMMENT LIKE AND FAVORITE PLEASE ^.^

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