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Ashley. Better known as Ash. She is known around the world as one of the best Pop, Rap, and Latin singers. Of course she is from Mexico. She had the best life as a kid. But it all changed one day after school. After she moved on. She got her career as singer at age 15. And now at 19.


4. Maybe:> and work time.

"DID YOU GUYS TAKE MY BACON" Harry questioned us with a look. "What bacon...wait you made BACON!?" I yelled trying to make him feel like we didnt but we did. ;> .  "Dont lie...I smell the bacon in here" CRAP.. My eyes went big and so did Nialls. Once we saw harry walk toward the bathroom Niall ran  but was to late..He got in and came out with an empty plate. "SUPRISE" Me and Niall yell. And then run out the room. Harry came after us. Niall ran to his room and left me. Banging on the door with harry after me. "NIALLL NIALLL OPEN!!" no anwer..COME ON!. I turned around to see harry close. I ran to the living room to find a shirtless Zayn..DANGGGGGGGGGG...."ZAYN!!!" i yell as his face shoot over to me with big eyes. Before he could say something i jumped into his arm with my legs around his waist like a little kid. "PROTECT ME FROM THE MONSTER!!aka Harry" i say/yell. "SHE STOLE MY BACON" harry yelled with out breath.. "I just wanted to be a ninja for a moment.." i say pouting. "YAYY now that yall fix things get time." zayn asked as he carried my and put my on his shoulder so i was sitting there like a kid with my hands on his hair. Harry then walked away. "Thwank wo" i say in a baby voice. He just chuckles. "Your hair is soft." i mean it WAS SOFTTT. "umm...thanks.." he said akwardly. He put me down and that was a sad moment. "AWWW" he mocked me motioning to my room then kissed me on the cheek. "Get changed." He told me. And i did. He was so hot with out a shirt and messy hair. Compared to me....OH GOD...nono. I took a nice warm shower with shampoo that has the smell of cake batter.. YUMMMM.....I then put my hair in a bun and put on some shorts with a tanktop under a side cut sweatshirt and some vans. I put on some eyeliner, eye shadow, some mascara, and some lipstick. I look like my everyday self. Once i got out the boys were ready. Once we left the house i decided to go walking. "I'll just walk its not far..just like five minutes." They nodded and went by car. Once i left the house paparazzi was there. They dont really bother me that much. Im nice to them. Celebrities think that being mean to them would solve their problems of them making bad reviews and invading their privacy. But its not. Being nice to them does. Sure they ask questions but it doesnt bother me. "Hey ash can you make a quick pose?" one of them asked. I turned around. "Sure." I made one of those tumblr girl faces. "Hey ash i brought you gum." A man said while holding out a stick of gum..MY FAVORITE JUICY FRUIT! "What did you do to it?" I aske jokingly. He says nothing so i put it in my mouth. And it was normal..and TASTY. "Thanks" i say. I finally arrive to the studio to see them waiting for me. I dont even have to read Zacks mind. He just wanted me to get in the booth and start. He's like my brother. I grabbed the lyric sheet. And got in. 


" Redone..

Let's go to the beach, each 

Let's go get away.

They say, what they gonna say? 

Have a drink clink ,

Found a budlight..

Bad people like me is hard to come by.

The patron own 

lets go get it on.

The zone own , yes im in the zone

Is it 2.3, leave a good tip

Ima blow all my money and dont give two shits."

As i finish the song. I look at the boys. Zayn caught my eye. Why does he have to be so Hot.. He kept giving me smirks and biting his lip. Which is so hot!. 

"Im on the floor floor I love to dance

So give me more more till i cant stand

Get on the floor floor 

like its your last chance 

If you want more more than here I am. 




A.n Hope you like it..I bet you know what the song is,. if you dont its Nikki Minaj. Starships.. The first song in the second chapter..i No love allowed by Rihanna. Comment if you want meto keep going. :>


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