Could this be true?

Ashley finds out her mother is going to be one directions manager.then next thing u know Ashley falls in love with ZAYN some much drama


2. The Love

Right when,I open my door ZAYN grabs me and throws me over his shoulder.Im screaming help help punching and kicking.He didn't care."ZAYN MALIK PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!"I scream he finally puts me down and I find myself in a tour bus. Then I feel a pair of lips on mine I open my eyes to find Zayn kissing me.i think to my self HOLY FUGDECAKESIM KISSING ZAYN MALIK!then he finally pulls away.All I can say is "Wow".
"I'm so sorry Ash!"he says crying
"don't cry"I say
He just keeps crying then I say"Zayn look at me"
He looks up and I kiss him then he starts kissing back.Uh-Oh my mother just walked in and sends me to my room.
I ran in to my room locked my door and bawl my eyes out.
Then I get a text message from Zayn
"let me in"-Zayn
I open the door and cry into his he calms me down.
Then I wash my face because of my make up stains
Go into the living room and pop in the movie The Last Song
Then ZAYN comes in and sits down nex to me and we watch it together I
Lay on his chest and I fell asleep tht way
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