Drowning In Lies

When Peyton Sanders goes into her family's rustic, worn down shed she discovers a scandalous secret. Peyton must make a large decision; share her family's stealthy ways or keep the secret safe. Peyton's decision will change her life forever in ways she never imagined.


4. Why Are You Here?


The closet door was suddenly thrust open; I shrieked in horror and looked up to see the face of my father, his eyes creased and his mouth pursed with anger.

         "Peyton, what do you think you are doing here?" yelled my father; in a tone I had never heard him speak in.

         My mouth felt dry, almost as if it was filled with sawdust, I pushed out a few words, "I, well, I uh--" I stopped midway as tears poured down my pale face.

         "Answer Me," my father screamed with rage.

          "I--" I stopped mid sentence then quickly interjected "It's none of your business" as if I was a seven year old although I was fourteen. My Dad gave me a look, a glare I didn't recognize. I started to wonder why I even called him Dad any more.

         My thoughts were interrupted, "I know you were in the shed, I know you took my files and I also know you found out and--" 

         "And what?" I snapped "Don't pretend like you care about me or Jenna or anyone but yourself!" I screamed.

         "Peyton, it really isn't as bad as it looks; I mean New York is expensive and--" my Dad started to say with a fake sweet tone.

         "Just stop, stop talking" I interjected. "I don't care what you have to say and frankly, I don't care about you!" I screamed with tears starting to run down my make-up smudged face. I raced down the stairs and forcefully pushed open the front door and slammed it before my father could finish his sentence or start chasing me.  I ran to Wal-Mart panting and sweating, and raced through every isle to find Jenna. I looked behind me to see my father dashing behind me, his teeth clenched with anger. As soon as I spotted Jenna, I sprinted into her arms as tears flooded and poured down my face. My father stood beside us as I laid my face in Jenna's shoulder crying and whimpering. When I could cry no longer, I spilled everything as Jenna nodded intently, glaring at my father.

         My father spoke, after minutes of silence," I am not sure why you ran away; your mother and I gave you EVERYTHING. For both of you to back stab us is just plain unacceptable,” my father screeched. The next thing I knew, the FBI and flashing police cars surrounded me. It was almost a blur; he was handcuffed and shoved into a police car. The car drove away slowly; I saw my father's face, pressed against the window, his eyes pleading and flooding with tears. I swallowed my tears and walked away, hand in hand with Jenna. The week was a blur, a bad dream that I knew I wouldn't forget, thinking about his pleading eyes brought tears to my eyes. Now and forever, my life had been changed.

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