Drowning In Lies

When Peyton Sanders goes into her family's rustic, worn down shed she discovers a scandalous secret. Peyton must make a large decision; share her family's stealthy ways or keep the secret safe. Peyton's decision will change her life forever in ways she never imagined.


1. Shed: Blackmail and Secrets


I struggled to push open the rotting shed door, searching and digging through old piles of what seemed to be crumpled papers and rusting garden tools. I pushed through heaps of junk to find a rusted rake. I began to walk with the rake out towards the creaky shed door until I heard what seemed to be the muffled voice of my father, a successful accountant. My Converse made soft creaking noises on the uneven floorboards as I turned around towards the back of the shed. I leaned my cheek against the cold wall and strained to listen in on what he was saying. Now I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but I find that I am lured in every time. I pressed my ear against the chipping wall "Matt, we went over this; if I see a bill of any kind in my mailbox, I promise you that you will regret it" said a stern voice I believed to be my father's.


         "Yes of course" replied a quivering voice who must have been Matt. The voices began to drone out until all I could hear was the soft buzz of cars dashing along the busy streets.

Carefully, I crept outside to the back of the shed where I had heard the voices. I looked over to find that no one was leaning against the backside of the shed, where I was almost certain I had heard the voice coming from. I hadn't heard enough to decipher the story; the pieces of conversation were like miscellaneous pieces of a puzzle. Confused, I pushed open the rickety shed door and stumbled straight into my father.

     "Peyton-what are you doing here?" my father exclaimed.

     I stumbled out, "I well, and I was just uh returning this rake."

     "Yes...well of course" my father nervously replied. My father walked out of the shed with a distressed look spreading across his face. Then, it hit me; my father must have also been in the shed, but how? I walked towards the back of the shed, only to realize that the back wall didn't seem even with the others; it seemed almost ajar. Tingling with curiosity, I pushed with little force on the wall. The wall opened into a narrow room; the paint, however, looked new, and the furniture was sleek and modern. I moved towards the small desk in the corner. I rubbed my hands on the smooth furniture, looking around with my mouth gaping open. A smile spread quickly across my face as I noticed a small metal file cabinet next to the desk. I ripped all the papers out of the tab labeled "private." I sprawled out on the floor and looked through the stack of papers. I scanned the top paper in the stack, stating that my father was excused from paying taxes and bills due to low income. In awe, I looked at the paper again; my father was an accountant - there must have been some silly mistake. Or maybe, it wasn't.  Suddenly, it seemed crystal clear that my parents weren't paying taxes or bills. That explained why my Dad seemed upset about receiving bills in the mail; he must have made some sort of agreement with Matt in order to avoid paying bills and taxes. Maybe Matt was threatening to send him a bill. I folded the paper into my back pocket for safekeeping.

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