Drowning In Lies

When Peyton Sanders goes into her family's rustic, worn down shed she discovers a scandalous secret. Peyton must make a large decision; share her family's stealthy ways or keep the secret safe. Peyton's decision will change her life forever in ways she never imagined.


2. Run


I groggily opened my tired eyes, trying to drag myself out of bed, when I heard my sister Jenna yelling at me to get out of bed. I dragged myself out of bed to feel a chill spread across my body. Lazily, I trudged over to my so-called mature sister, Jenna. I could tell by the frown on her face that something was wrong in her perfect life. In her scrunched up hand she held a now crumpled piece of paper. Jenna smoothed out the creased paper and held it up so I could read it. I made out the words and realized that this was the paper about my father, being excused from paying taxes and bills, due to "low income". I was confused about how she found it but realized quickly that I had forgotten to take the paper out of the back pocket of my pants. While holding up the paper, Jenna started a conversation I knew wouldn't end well. "I was doing the laundry and this paper dropped out of your pants pocket - where did you find this?" I debated on whether to spill or not, but since I am not the best at keeping secrets, I told her everything from eavesdropping on Dad to uncovering the secret room in the shed where I had found the paper. I spilled it all. Jenna listened intently, seeming to understand, but by the look on her face, she seemed to have something on her mind.

     "...And then I put the paper in my back pocket for safe keeping, and you discovered it," I finished.

     Jenna immediately began to speak, "We have to do something; we can't just sit around while our parents cheat the government, I mean--"

     I had to interrupt; otherwise I knew my sister would never stop talking. "Jenna, calm down; first we need to keep investigating, we can't just jump to conclusions. I say, we come up with a plan", I said, attempting to calm down my sister.

     "Peyton, quit making plans, let's just run away!" my sister exclaimed. The one flaw of my sister was that she sometimes confuses dreams with reality; this was definitely one of those times.

     I didn't want to upset her, so I started with the kindest refusal possible "Jenna, look I really don't think that--" I stopped myself, mid-sentence, maybe my sister was right; running away might just be the perfect solution to this whole mess.

         "Forget that,” I said, "Let's just runaway; I think we should leave tonight; I'm going to start packing," I finished.

         My sister gleamed, and we both rushed upstairs to pack our "valuables".        

"Peyton and Jenna, please come down to dinner," my mother yelled from the kitchen.         

         "One minute" I screamed back as I quickly shoved my bag under my bed.          "Peyton Brooke Sanders, GET DOWN--"

         "I'm coming Mom" I quickly interrupted. I clomped down the stairs to the dinner table.

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