Drowning In Lies

When Peyton Sanders goes into her family's rustic, worn down shed she discovers a scandalous secret. Peyton must make a large decision; share her family's stealthy ways or keep the secret safe. Peyton's decision will change her life forever in ways she never imagined.


3. Home and Hiding


I quietly climbed out of bed, attempting to be soundless. I grabbed my bags from under the bed and threw on a sweatshirt and jeans. I tiptoed to Jenna's room and lightly pushed open her bedroom door. Jenna took her bags from her closet and we both silently escaped through the back door of the kitchen. Once I closed and locked the door, we both ran to where we agreed we would meet each other, the driveway.  I knew Jenna would burst out rambling after the short period of time she had to be silent, and I was right.

         "Peyton, I have scheduled a taxi to pick us up on the corner of Nashua St. in 5--" Jenna glanced at her watch, "--in 10 minutes".

         "Okay, but where do you suppose we should go?" I replied in a worried tone. Jenna seemed to have everything planned out and replied with confidence, "Peyton, we can easily stay in the abandoned tenant building on 34th Street, hardly anyone goes even to that side of town." 


Time Pass


The taxi dropped us off on the corner of 34th street. My sister thanked the driver and paid him for the ride.

          "Hey Peyton, why don't you go and drop our bags in the building, and I'll go buy some food at Wal-Mart." said Jenna.

          I thought, why not, I mean, it would save time. "Sure" I replied "Give me your bags, I'll bring them with me" I said.

         Jenna gave me her bags and walked across the street to Wal-Mart. I walked towards the building coated in graffiti. As I neared it, I begin to shiver and tremble. The building was old and rickety, its brown paint almost entirely chipped off and weeds climbing up the building and coating the cracked windows. I dashed towards the building so I wouldn't have time to turn back. I climbed up the rotting porch steps and turned the cold brass knob. The door creaked and opened to what seemed a world of dust and cobwebs. I walked into what I believed to be the living room, filled with covered furniture and cobwebs at every corner. I walked into a small kitchen, containing a small, broken fridge and an unusable stove. I turned back and walked toward the decaying staircase. I carefully eyed the stairs and quickly climbed up the unstable blocks, hoping they wouldn't give and collapse. I was almost halfway up the narrow staircase until I heard banging and the sound of footsteps. Finally, I thought, Jenna had made it back. "Jenna?" I called, "Jenna?" I called again a little louder. Still, no answer. The footsteps became louder, and closer. I trembled wondering if I should shriek or run. I dashed up the stairs, I ran into the closest bedroom and climbed into the narrow closet. Hot tears ran down my cheeks as I shook with fear. I heard the footsteps pounding on the stairs and then in the bedroom. The footsteps neared the bedroom and I could almost see my terrible fate that would await me. I could already picture myself, lying dead on the floor and my sister calling for me, searching every corner of the house to find me lying dead, on the cold, hard ground. Tears flooded down my face as my lips quivered. The closet door was suddenly thrust open; I shrieked in horror and looked up to see the face of my father, his eyes creased and his mouth pursed with anger. 

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