Drowning In Lies

When Peyton Sanders goes into her family's rustic, worn down shed she discovers a scandalous secret. Peyton must make a large decision; share her family's stealthy ways or keep the secret safe. Peyton's decision will change her life forever in ways she never imagined.


5. Author's Note

Hello Movellians! 

I hope you have enjoyed the story, my question to you is if I should continue writing or leave the story as it is. Should I update? I am thinking I will leave the story as it is but if anyone would like me to update I will gladly. Also, I love feedback so feel free to post comments and give me advice. I also have written another movella called "Broken But Still Sparkling." Thanks For Reading! You many e-mail me at: lizluvscandy@gmail.com if you have any questions or just want to chat. 

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