Your Mine Forever (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allysa, a 17 yr old teen lives at her apartment by herself, her parents died in a car crash when she was 5, and her 25 yr old brother named anthony raised her since then. Allysa is unexpected to know she will meet the most popular boy band, but she falls in love and things sonetimes go as she planned.


1. Yay!!

Buz buz buz! "Uhhgg.." I groaned as i picked up my phone to see who was calling. I answered the phone and it was my brother Anthony. "Hey Anthony, why'd you call me?" "Im hereee!" He said in an excited tone. " What do you mean?" "Im at the front door!" I covered my mouth and screamed with excitement. My brother just moved back here from New York and I couldnt believe he was acually here, ive missed him since i last saw him which was 3 years ago. I quickly ran to the door and opened it seeing my brother with a big grin on his face. He grabbed me into a tight hug and i screamed in excitement. "Ouch, you hurt my ear screaming so loud." He groaned. I laughed and soon we drifted into a conversation. "So hows life?" I said. "Well its acually really good, im also planning to get a better job over here." "Thats nice.""Well,wanna watch a movie or something we can watch a scary one since its getting dark." "Ok, that will be nice, do you have any popcorn?"He asked. "Well, acually no i dont."I said with a frown. " We can always get some, cuz ya know you cant watch a movie without popcorn!" He chuckled and I laughed with him. 10 minutes later Allysa and her brother bought some popcorn and came back to the apartment.They watched the scary movie and Allysa buried her face in a pillow at the scary parts. Soon the movie finished and it was 10:00 pm. "Well i have to go back to my apartment room." Exclaimed Anthony. "Awwee.." I said giving him the puppy face. " Well if you dont know i rented an apartment,right next to yours!!" "Oh my gosh, really!?" "yepp." I gave him a giant smile and hugged him. " K, good night, sweet dreams!" I said. I giggled at waved goodbye. "Hahaa, good night sis." He smiled and opened the door, i watched him enter his apartment which was next to mine. Then i headed to my bedroom and layed down on my bed. I pulled my phone out and texted my best friend named cristal.
Me- hey cristal guess what!
Me- My brother moved back here today!!
Cristal- Wow rlly, thats nice of him.
Me- Yea, but how about you come over tomorrow morning so we can hang out or something.
Cristal- Ok :)!
Me- hah. Well good night best friend :)
Cristal- Good night best friend, lol :)
I set my phone on my dresser and drifted to sleep.

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