Your Mine Forever (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Allysa, a 17 yr old teen lives at her apartment by herself, her parents died in a car crash when she was 5, and her 25 yr old brother named anthony raised her since then. Allysa is unexpected to know she will meet the most popular boy band, but she falls in love and things sonetimes go as she planned.


2. OhMyGosh.

It was morning and i started to prepare breakfast when,someone texted me. It was Cristal, my best friend.
Cristal-Hey girl im on the way to your house!
Me- Oh ok ill get dressed real quick.
Cristal-Ok, see ya.
I put my phone in my back pocket and walked to my room.

I got dressed and put on a blue tanktop, and some jeans with grey vans on my feet. I decided to let my hair be natural today so i let it out of my ponytail. My curly hair was a bit messy so i combed it and sprayed some hair spray on my hair, not too much though. I just finished getting ready and heard my doorbell ring, so i rushed down stairs and opened it.
"Hey girll!"Whats up?" Cristal said giving me a warm hug.
" Well im making some breakfast want some?" I said.
"Suree, what is it?"
"Waffles with eggs and syrup."
"Ok that sounds good." She said.
Cristal grabbed a plate and served her self and so did i. We sat at the table talking and eating breakfast.
"So wheres your brother?" Cristal asked.
"Well right now hes working at his new job."I said.
"Oh, ok his name is Anthony right?" She said.
"Yea your right, but yea i cant believe he came here to move and plus right next to my apartment." I said.
"Yea, ikr."
"Well you know what, we should head to Starbucks for a coffee, im really in the mood for one."
"Okay,lets go."
We both finished our breakfast and grabbed our phones and headed out the door.

At StarBucks!! :D
Cristal and i got out of the car. There was a black long limo right in front of StarBucks. As we walked closer Harry Styles walked out of the limo.
"Oh my goshhh!! Its Harry Stylez from One Direction!!" Cristal yelled.
"Cristal calm downn.." I said staring at her like she was crazy.
Harry walked in StarBucks and of cojrse Cristal was right behind him and i followed Cristal. Harry waited in the line.
"What coffee are you getting?" I asked Cristal. But she was staring at Harry take his order. *My thoughts: I dont see what is so special about this guy.*

Me and Cristal ordered our coffee and we walked to the table. I wasnt paying much attention and BOOM i banged into someone, i checked who it was and it was Harry. My coffe spilled on Harrys shirt and mostly on the floor.
"Oh my gosh.." I groaned.
"Im so so soo sorry!" He said giving me a frowning face.
"Its okayy.." I said sitting down
"Ill get you a new one." He said walked back in the line before i could say anything.
"Woah girl that was so awesome, you just talked to Harry Styles and hes getting you a new coffee!" Cristal said almost fainting on me.
*My thoughts: Gosh, im an idiot!! I just spilled coffee on this dude and hes buying me a new one even though it was my fault! Uhg..*
Harry came back with the coffee and gave it to me and he sat across from me sipping his coffee.
"Sorry about that." He said staring at me.
"Its okay, thanx for the new coffee though." I told him.
"No problem." He said smiling at me.
" So whats your name?"
"Its Allysa." I said then i felt Cristal hit me on the arm with her elbow.
"Oh and this is my friend Cristal." I said laughing and Cristal also laughed which made Harry stare at us awkwardly. Lol.
"So your from One Direction?" I asked.
"Yes i am." He smiled. "Would you like to meet them some day?" He said.
I stared into his shiny eyes and got lost into them. He was cuter than i thought he was. Harry stared at me waiting for me to answer his question.
"Oh, yea, suree." I said.
"Well i have to go back to my boys, but heres my number." He showed me his number through his phone and i copied it down.
"Text me" He said in a sexy voice.
I laughed, "Yea okayy." He walked away and clearly winked straight at me then headed out of StarBucks.
"Girl you just got his number!" She chuckled. "You know what that means!"He likes you." She said with a grin.
"What, no he doesnt he just bought me a coffee cuz i spilled mine and he just gave me his number so i could meet 1D, thats all." I said.
"Are you sure because when a boy gives you their number and tells you to text them plus they wink at you, thats a sign that he might like you." She explained.
"Yea whatever." I said.
"Hey want to head back to my house?" I told her quickly changing the subject.
"Yea okay." She said
We both finished out coffee and drove to my house.

Me and Cristal were bored so we decided to do each others make up for fun.
"Dang you got alot of makeup Allysa." She said widening her eyes.
"Haha yea, but i dont really use it alot." I told her.
We both did each others makeup and we soon finished, not knowing how we were
going to end up looking.
I looked in the mirror i had.
"Beautifulll!"I said giving her a big smile.
I had purple eyeshadow on my eyes shading from dark purple to light purple then the white. I also had shiny pink lipgloss, mascara with foundation and a touch of blush on my cheeks. Then Cristal looked at herself in the mirror.
"Cutee, nice job." She said winking at me. We both laughed. Cristal had blue eyeshadow shading from light blue, dark blue, then to black. She had shiny clear lipgloss, with mascara, foundation, and some light pink blush.

Cristal stayed at my house, she was going tk sleepover. So me and her just talked and played around untill it was night.
"Want some hot choclate?" I asked Cristal.
"Mmm, of course i do." She said.
We both made some hot choclate, it was really good, and soon we had to go to bed.
"Well good night." Cristal said yawning.
I slipped my pajamas on.
"Goodnight." I said back.
I layed on my bed and we both fell asleep.
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