Beneath your beautiful

"My name is Lily, Lily Tomlinson. Yes, my brother is the Louis Tomlinson. I am nothing like him at all and I wish never to be."

When this Anti Louis finds herself on tour with the boy's will she love, hate or will she be dragged along while collecting many scraps and bruise's along the way.


2. So Jet-lagged

I watch as my two large suitcase's are being carried away on the conveyor belt. My fear of height's would be a problem for my flight and I knew it. I gulped. Around me Paul stood in front of the boy's leading them up the stairs. I closed my eyes and followed,noticing how the boy's looked like five year old's being brought to recess behind their teacher. Or how they seemed like a colony of ants. Up and away we went passing by security without a second glance. Of course we where early, but we where escorted on the plane first. 


On the left in the two front seats sat Louis and Harry, on the right Niall and Zayn. Behind Louis and Harry I sat beside Liam. I was assigned the window seat. As I took my seat the first thing I did was close the plastic window cover and stare straight ahead at the blank whiteness of the seat in front of me where I could see the brown haired head of Louis. I then looked down at my clothes. I wore a pair of flare worn out jeans and a floral t-shirt, with a solid black sweater over top, on my feet where my original worn out converse sneakers.


I was presentable, Turning my head I smiled at Liam, he gave me an awkward smile back and looked at the seat in front of him where the curly haired boy Harry styles sat. I bit my lip knowing that I would soon lose control, this was enough of Liam and his ignore act, first he declined my calls then he didn't answer my texts, now he ignores me! I knew I would have to do this quietly,so I begin. I look him straight in the eyes and ask, "Liam, whats wrong?" 


He looks at me with an unreadable expression, "Nothing." I stare at him sternly. "Liam, I know something is not right, tell me what is wrong?" he gives me the same expression as before and repeats. "Nothing." Then I feel anger, "Liam, tell me at this moment, What is wrong? You have been ignoring me for the past few... I don't know three month's! You tell me what is wrong, at this moment." I say in a loud whisper voice. 


Liam look's at me, he give's me an annoyed expression, "I said nothing, Nothing is wrong Lily! Will you just give me some peace and quiet!" This is not the Liam I know. "Something is wrong." I state. Next thing I know he taps Harry on the shoulder,. "May we change places?" he asks. I gasp. Did he just do that. Speechless I turn my head and stare blankly at my feet. 


Harry slides into the seat next to me. "Lil, let it go, he will be back to normal before you know it." Still fuming I turn to look at him. "When did I ask for your opinion." I lashed out. Yes I was being harsh, but I  had a temper and when someone messed with it I never would back down. Even if I was known as the sweet mature girl. Harry looked at me as if he would lash out to, his green eyes darker then usual seemed to burn into my mind. Then they seemed lighter and he had turned his head away from me, curls flying in a tousled mess. 


With a strangled sigh I grabbed my carry on and had grabbed my neck pillow and my favorite care-a-bear blanket and curled up into a bundle turned toward the covered window and closed my blue eyes leaving the world in a dark mess, my mind replaying the scene between Liam and me.

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