Beneath your beautiful

"My name is Lily, Lily Tomlinson. Yes, my brother is the Louis Tomlinson. I am nothing like him at all and I wish never to be."

When this Anti Louis finds herself on tour with the boy's will she love, hate or will she be dragged along while collecting many scraps and bruise's along the way.


3. L O N D O N T I M E

Something rocks me lightly. I grumble, another shake, I grumble and turn over. Then I hear a voice, "Wake up now Lil!" I bounce up. Shocked I look at the person who awoke me from my beauty sleep. Harry sits with a smirk plastered on his face. "Did you know that you drool when you sleep?" he ask's with a chuckle. I widened my eyes. "You watched me? Stalker!" 


"No I didn't, I mean Yes, I mean not in that way!" He stutters unable to speak normally. 


I laugh and turn away from Harry. Then he taps me on the shoulder, "We landed." I look at Harry with a look that said 'Why didn't you tell me' and then I get up and stalk off behind Harry. Outside all the boy's stood together laughing and having a good time. As I approach Liam stops talking and looks away. I scowl but ignore his childish behavior, I will be the mature one unlike him. 


I follow the boys quietly to the taxi whisking us away to our hotel. 


At the hotel I am suddenly lead into it, the boys all have a hoodie on to cover their celebrity status. I do too my hood pulled over my head hiding my face from view. We walk up some stairs ad find the corridor we will be staying in. Then Paul names off room arrangements.


"No changing, for each hotel we will have a switch this will be a pattern. In room 200 Harry and Louis, In room 201 Zayn and Niall" Then an inaudible feeling creeps into my mind. I know that my roommate will be Liam. I hear nothing until Paul states, "I will be in a room for myself." then the group disperses. I follow Liam to our room, number 203. He takes the key card and gives it a swipe. A green light flashes telling us it was fine to go in. Behind me I pulled my bag's. 


I entered and took in the room. When you walk in the first thing you notice is how white the room is, white bed sheets plastic white bed frame clear night stands, the first door to your right leads to the bathroom, like always there was soap, shower gel, shampoo and towels already provided for you. On a coffee table was a bowl of fruits. To the left was a small kitchen with a fridge a stove and a microwave.


There was a bed and a coach, it wasn't a pullout and well that meant I would share a bed with Liam. The bed is king sized, laying on it is a duvet and four feather filled pillows. Liam sighs and then plops down on the bed face first and shoves his face under one of the four pillows. 


"You can't ignore me forever you know, whats wrong with you anyway?" I ask him quietly. He looks up at me. "Can you not see i'm trying to sleep?"


"Of course I did Stupid, you should at least answer my question."' I say an a VERY annoyed tone. He sighs and then turns to me. "I already told you the answer on the plane." He declared. I grumble but return a hard stare at him. "I am or at least was your best-friend, I know that you are lying." 


"Fine, First Danielle is gone, second the girl I like probably does not like me back, plus I heard something about Danielle having a new and better guy. Can you leave me alone now!" He says and a rushed way. 


I felt bad for him. "Liam, Danielle is gone, don't make it worse by thinking about her! You should just tell that girl you like her, and look nobody is a better guy the you." I say in a sympathized voice. He gives me a small smile. Well that's a start. "Alright, Now Lily can I actually go to bed." he says. I nod and sit on the couch while he goes to bed. 


I thought about all the events and about how their first concert was tomorrow. 


**Authors note**

Sorry these chapters are all fillers, next chapter will be crazier.

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