Beneath your beautiful

"My name is Lily, Lily Tomlinson. Yes, my brother is the Louis Tomlinson. I am nothing like him at all and I wish never to be."

When this Anti Louis finds herself on tour with the boy's will she love, hate or will she be dragged along while collecting many scraps and bruise's along the way.


1. I'm going on tour!

Soft music hit my ears. "White lips pale face breathing in the snowflakes." The lyrics burned an imprint in my mind, never to forget those beautifully crafted words. Ed Sheeran had quite the thing in songwriting. His words always so delicate, of course meeting him in real life had spoiled her thoughts of how I wished him to be. Don't get me wrong, he is a gentlemen just not the type I was thinking of. 


With a sigh I tugged the buds out of my ear and set them lightly on the mahogany night stand next to my four poster bed. My room was Paris themed. I had always dreamed of going to that town, it was so perfect for me, and not to imagine romantic. In my mind my first kiss would be on the tip top of the Eiffel tower. Although, there was a slight complication to that setting, I was terribly frightened of heights. 


"Lily, get your Ass down here!" cried a British voice that every teenager in the world swooned over. For me I was disgusted by this voice. It was the one and only Louis Tomlinson!  He was my brother, no we are not alike, not even close. I'm quiet and Mature. Sometime's the only person I even feel related to in the band is Liam. We where inseparable, together nothing was a secret. We had been more distant ever since he had lost his fate in himself when Danielle left him. It was a difficult time for him so I couldn't blame him. 


"Lily, hurry up!" screamed Louis. I rolled my blue eyes and took a step off my bed. Out I was and all I had to do to get to the kitchen was turn to the left, that was where everyone was, since it was Dinner time soon. As soon as I stepped into the room everybody burst into a scream. "SURPRISE" Confused I looked up to where mostly everyone had looked up, up above my head hanging down from two hooks was a large birthday banner that read, "You will not be coming home when your on the "Take me home" tour!" I smiled my dimples showing. "Thanks guys, I don't know what to say." I stuttered. Then it dawned on me, Louis was a member of the band, he would be on this tour with me. I almost screamed out loud. Me with that pig, on tour!


"Great" I muttered. "What was that dear?" asked mum. I smiled and answered with a nothing. "Go pack your bag's." She added. I nodded left the horrible but also good scene and ran to my bedroom door, I swung it open, closed it and then turned the lock. Great. I grabbed my phone, put in the pass-code, doncastachick and went right to my twitter. "@Mariasloper (Not sure if actual twitter name) Text me or call me now, I need you!" Maria was my best-friend, she helped me in the thick and the thin. Maybe a few minute's later my notification's where blowing up with comments. "What's wrong." "You okay" not from people I knew, but from the fans of Louis. Being the sister of Louis had it's pros and cons.

I plopped on my bed and then closed my eyes hoping this was all a bad dream. 


When my eyes re-opened I saw my phone brightly light by maybe 20 message's from Maria Sloper (Bestie). I picked up my phone and it vibrated, now 21. I began to type a message that answered her obvious question, "Whats wrong?" I began by telling her the story about going on tour and how I would be with Louis. Maybe not even 30 seconds a text came back. "It won't be that bad, you like their music and Liam will be there, plus no school!" I chuckled. "True, fine i'm going, but we better keep in touch." I texted back to her. She sent me one more message confirming my statement and then told me she had to leave for dance class. 


With a sigh I had begun my packing. This would be the longest year of my life.





So what do you think, worth continuing, feedback anything?

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