Sugar Wrapped Poison

The outside may be sweet, but what's really beneath the sugar coated wraps?


2. Pretty Girl

I walked in the big metal doors of the highschool, they slammed with a loud clang behind me, which caused me to jump. A few girls looked back at me, snickered, and started to whisper to eachother, giggling back and fourth behind manicured hands.

Crossing my arms over my chest and holding my head down, I looked at my paper that had my locker number and combination was printed on.

Walking over to my number, I turned the black and silver numbered combination lock slowly. The ridges felt uncomfortable underneath my fingertips.

Right, Left—

I felt eyes on me. I slowly looked up, fingers still on the lock.

A girl stood in front of me. She had curly brown hair that fell in waves around her shoulders, and hazel colored eyes. She wore a pretty laced up dress, with flats and a brown belt around the middle. She was perfect. Skinny and beautiful. I was envious.

"Hello? Were you even listening to me?" Her voice arose me from my thoughts.

"Um, I'm sorry, what did you say?" My face turned red, probably a big blotchy red, knowing my luck.

"I said, what are you doing next to my locker?!" She said irritatedly.

"This is my locker." I stammered.

Her eyes flashed, spinning on her heel, she left with a scowl.

I watched her go, hugging my bag, completely forgetting I hadn't even opened my locker yet. I turned around and began to spin the lock again finally opening it, I organized my color coded folders, put them in a neat row on the locker shelf, then neatly placed my bag on it's hook.

I eyeballed it quickly. It looked efficient enough. Taking the items for my first class, I proceeded towards the room, following the schedule I had been given earlier.

Room two hundred fourty, Mrs. Hollister. I scanned the doors, frantically looking those numbers or the name, but neither were anywhere to be seen.

A hand touched my shoulder, and I let out a little sqeak of terror, turning around to a tall boy, smiling at me.

"You look a little lost. Where are you going?" He asked.

"Mrs. Hollister's." I said nervously.

He grimaced "Music studies? Right over there." He pointed to a blank door at the end of the hallway that had no name on it.

I let out a breath of air "Thank you." I whispered, and began rushing to the door.

"Talk to you later." He called after me.

I opened the door to class and rushed to my seat.

"Ugh, you. Again."

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