One Direction Imagines *Closed for Requests*

A series of imagines, created by moi. I am not taking anymore comments, until I finish the current requests


3. Maddy (MaddyMalik1216) and Zayn- What Makes You Beautiful

     It was a beautiful afternoon, me and my friends were down at the beach.  I was sitting in my beach chair, wearing my purple tankini and looking out at the ocean.  Everything seemed so perfect, little did I know, my whole life was about to change, for, there he was.  It was One Direction.  Me and my friends looked at each other, trying not to scream.  
   "Maddy, Zayn Malik is totally checking you out."  My bestie whispered to me.  I blushed.
  "I don't think so."  I replied, doubtful.
    "Oh my god, he so is."  My other bestie said to me.  "Go on, talk to him." She said.
  "Never!" I say.  They look at each other with cheeky grins.  I got so nervous.  I look at Zayn and notice that he was looking at me.  Oh god, it all happened so quickly.  I didn't even have time to fangirl.  My friends push me over to the boys and I bump into Harry.  "I'm so sorry."  I say.  Harry smiles.  I nervously grab my wavy, light brown hair.  Then, I looked up at Zayn, we just looked at each other.
   "Ooooh."  Louis said, Niall hit his arm.  Louis put his hands up, sarcastically.  I just smiled at Zayn.  I was freaking out so much in my head, but all the nerves went away when I looked at him.
   "I'm Zayn."  He said, shyly.  Woo, was he nervous?  No, that's impossible, he's so famous and hot and, why would he ever be nervous?
   "I'm Maddy."  I say.
   "I think we'll be leaving." Liam said and the boys nodded.  It was just me and Zayn.  
      "So umm, do you leave around hear?"  He asks.
   "Yah, pretty close."  I say.  Then, something happened that I can't explain. I mean, sure we had just met and all, but I don't really know.  He just kissed me.  The kiss was beautiful, he put his hand in my hair and  a smile the size of the empire state grew on my face.
      "Sorry."  He said, looking down at the ground.
    "It's fine, I quite enjoyed it."  I say.  This began it all.  Me and him are forever.  The kiss led to a wonderful relationship.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me.  He showed me what makes me beautiful.

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