One Direction Imagines *Closed for Requests*

A series of imagines, created by moi. I am not taking anymore comments, until I finish the current requests


4. Danielle (Daniellehoranforever) And Niall- One Thing

     Niall and I have known each other for two months now.  Were just friends.  But, I'm not gonna' lie to you, I've loved him since the start.  Today he said he'd pick me up from work.  He knows I'm a poor student without a car, being forced to work at a variety store!  He wouldn't make me pay for public transportation.
    Niall bursts through the old, wooden door just on time.  I smile and grab my bag.  He holds the door for me and we walk outside.  "How was work?"  He asks 
    "Fine."  I answer.  It's a windy spring day, my blonde hair dances in the breeze.  "How was your day?"  I ask him.
   "We were in the studio."  He said,  looking over to me, trying to see if it looked like I cared.  I smile and nod my head, silently asking him to continue.  "We  practiced for our new album."   Niall giggled, "Oh Danielle, you'll never guess what Louis did."  
     "What?"  I asked.  He chuckled, then began to speak.  He told me many stories and lessons, but I could hardily pay attention.  My eyes were fixed on Niall.  The rush of the afternoon soon became the beauty of the evening.
    "Let's get a bite to eat."  Niall said.  
    "Okay, sounds good."  I respond.  We walk down the london streets until we reach a french restraint.  ""I thought we'd be going to Nadio's.  This place is quite fancy, isn't it?"  I said.
   "Your eyes are beautiful."  He said.  I smile.
   "Are you just gonna' ignore my question?"  I asked.  He nodded.  Niall began to sing.
" I've tried playing it cool 
But when I'm looking at you
I can never be brave 
'Cause you make my heart race ."   He looked at me and smiled.  "Danielle, will you  be mine?"  He whispered in my ear.
    "Always."  I answer.

     The dinner was wonderful.  We had steak and fries.   Niall stared into my blue eyes and smiled.  "Your a wonderful woman."  He said.
   "Your a wonderful man."  I replied.  He smiled.
   "Should we leave?" 
      "Okay." I said.  He took my hand and I got out of my seat.  He put his hands around me and we kissed.  It was a night to remember.

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