One Direction Imagines *Closed for Requests*

A series of imagines, created by moi. I am not taking anymore comments, until I finish the current requests


5. Cristen (Cristen M Wright) and Zayn- LWWY"

    "Cristen, what did you do to him?"  Zayn asked me, staring at what once was his hamster.
   "God, I'm so sorry, he was covered in mud!  I didn't mean to choke him, I just wanted to lightly water him."  I said, realizing how stupid it sounded!  I gave the hamster a bath.  It drowned, I killed a hamster.  God.  I looked up at my friend, Zayn, yes as in One Direction's Zayn Malik.  He giggled, then chuckled and then burst into laughter.  "I'm an idiot, I know.  He kept on laughing.  "I drowned a hamster AND YOUR LAUGHING?" I ask.  I look over at him.  I as well, burst into laughter.  "I'm stupid." I say between chuckles.
   "No you aren't, love, anyone could make that mistake."  I glared at him for a second.  "Okay, maybe not anyone, but, love - you're not stupid, lets leave it at that!"  I smile at him.  "I just want to take you anywhere that you want-" he began to say.
     "I think I know how this one ends."  I say with a smile.
    "See, you're not only smart, your psychic!"  He says.  I giggle. 
   We're in Zayn's flat at the moment.  I was taking care of his hamster when he was on tour, well for the first week, before I killed him.
  "I missed you."  I say, with a cheesy smile on my face.
     "Has anyone ever told you that your hair is beautiful?"
   "I can't recall."  I say.  I dase off for a moment, before saying, "Well, I should be going.  Very sorry about your hamster."  I get out of my chair and begin my march to the door.
     "Cristen!"  He shouted.
   "What?"  I ask.
    "Don't go."  He said, in that voice, that had only be described as "that voice".  
   "Why not?"

      "Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never
Don't overthink just let it go
And if we get together, yeah get together
Don't let the pictures leave your phone,"  He song.  "Let's go."  He said.
    "Where?"  I asked, still letting the fact that he just sang me his verse in "Live While Were Young"  sink in.

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