Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


11. what he likes about you

Harry: he really likes your butt because he says that its really big and firm. he always reminds you about how big your butt is and he even cracks pointless or stupid jokes about it.

Niall: he likes your laugh. people always tell him that he has a weird laugh but they havent heard yours. when you start laughing, Niall will pay attention to it and it even makes him smile.

Zayn: he likes your face expressions. if youre reading something weird that the fans tweet you will often push your eyesbrows together and he thinks it cute. he also likes how you make a weird face when you do something dorky just to make the situation less awkward.

Liam: he likes your eyes. he likes the color and even the shape of your eyes. he also like how they stand out with everything and anything that you wear.

Louis: he likes you sense in style. you wear toms like he does and can even make a cute outfit with anything in your hands. your always pick out louis clothes because he always complains about how you always look way better than him.


a/n: yayyyy another got put up. thanks for reading and sorry if this one sucked, i think i make Louis sound a bit gay in this preference but oh well. :)

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