Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


12. what he admires about you

harry: he admires that no matter how much hate you get, you are still the happiest girl in the world. you dont really pay attention to what they say because you have other things to focus on.

 niall: your face expressions. when youre watching a movie, you'll usually furrow your eyebrows or make your eyes really big because of whats going on.

zayn: one thing that he admires about you is that you can eat any kind of food. you arent really picky and he wishes he could be like you because there are alot of foods that he wishes he liked.

liam: he admires how you get so interested in a book. once you start reading a book you like, you wont put it down for a long time. you have gone through so many books and he thinks its amazing.

louis: shopping. he likes how you can shop for hours and never get tired. you always come back home with tons of bags and he thinks its cool that you get so into doing one thing.


a/n sorry if you didnt like it... i tried my best and ill put some more up. sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or errors. :)


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