Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


4. meeting your parents

Harry: "i dont want to go! what if they dont like me?" harry complained as you tried to drag him out of the door. "they'll like you i promise" you said. after he gave up, he got inside the passengers side of the car and asked questions about them the whole time. you went up to the door and knocked when your mom opened the door with a big smile on her face. "hello, (y/n)... and this must be Harry." you mom said as she led you inside of the house. you guys ate dinner and everyone got to know more about Harry. "im really happy your with my daughter Harry" your father said in Harry's ear. Harry looked up at you with a smile and answered. "im happy im with your daughter to."

Niall: today was the day that your mom wanted to meet Niall for the first time. you guys acually planned for your parents to come to your place while Niall cooked dinner. he cooked red chicken with macaroni salad and steak. "so, how did you guys meet?" your little sister said. "well, me and (y/n) met in the park while she was walking, i was babysitting and we kind of just ran into eachother." the whole family enjoyed Niall's company. afterwards your mom pulled you aside and said, "Niall's really nice, i think he's perfect for you." she said just before she went out the door with the rest of your family.

Zayn: you and Zayn were at a resturant waiting for your parents to arrive just when the door opened. as soon as your parents walked in, Zayn started to look really nervous. "My dad likes when the guy stands up to greet him" you said as you giggles. Zayn stood up and shook your fathers hand when he said "what a gentleman". "told you." you said with a smile as everyone sat down. you guys spent the whole night getting to know Zayn better and even telling some funny stories about when you were small. your parents ended up loveing him.

Liam: you and Liam were at your house with Liams parents. you have met them before and they wanted to meet your parents so you invited them over for dinner. everyone was getting along really well. then your father pulled Liam aside and asked him something. you couldnt help but evesdrop and overheard your dad asking him a couple of questions. Liam answered ibe with "yeah, shes great and i would never do anything to hurt her." this made your father smile and pat him on his shoulder as they walked back to the dining room table. Liam flashed you a smile before sitting down beside you. you spent the rest of the evening watching movies after your families left.

Louis: "louis, stop stressing! they will love you." you said trying to calm your boyrfriend down. today was the day that he was going to meet your parents and he was really nervous. the door bell rang and Louis almost jumped out of his shoes. you walked to the door and opened it. " hey mom, hey dad." you said while leading them into your's and Louis' home. "this is Louis." you said. "hello nice to meet you both." Louis said while shaking both of their hands. you guys spent the night talking and laughing at Louis' randomness. at the end of the night, Louis told you, "your parnets are so cool." "haha thanks, i cant wait to meet your parents." you say.


(a/n) i tried my best so sorry if you guys didnt like it.

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