Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


7. language differences (:

i wanted to do something kind of differenent so READ !

British People                               American People Biscuit              Cookie                                              

Bonnet                                          Hood

Braces                                          Suspenders

Brackets                                       Parenthesis

Boot                                              Trunk

Candy Floss                                 Cotton Candy

Car Park                                       Parking Lot

Caravan                                       Trailer

Caretaker                                     Janitor

Chips                                            French Fries

Cooker                                         Stove

Costume                                       Swimsuit/ Bathing Suit

Cotton Wool                                 Cotton Ball

Crisps                                           Potatoe Chips

Dinner Jacket                               Tuxedo

Draughts                                      Checkers

Colour                                         Color

Lou                                              Bathroom

Drink Driving                               Drunk Driving

Dummy                                        Pacifier

Dressing Gown                           Robe

 Father Christmas                       Santa Claus

Flannel                                        Wash Cloth

Football                                       Soccer


A/N: sorry i havent been posting, i have been really busy with school and stuff but ill try to update more :) catch ya'll later c:

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