Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


8. Harry Imagine

You were at home watching Darcy when you heard the door closed. You knew it was Harry so you continued reading. "Hey babe" Harry says as he comes over to where you and Darcy were. You look up and he gives you a little kiss on the lips. "Hey, how was the interveiw?" you asked closing your book and sitting up. "good" he says a little weird. "ummm ok, anything new?" you asked. "no why would you say that?" he asks in a nervous tone. "i dont know... why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?" you asked a little concern of how he was replying. "im not." he says and walks into the kitchen. "yes you are" you said and walk behind him. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bowl of grapes and put one into his mouth. He just ignores you and walks over to where Darcy was. She was playing with her blocks and Harry puts the bowl into her lap. She looks at the bowl and put a grape into her mouth. You just walk upstairs because you wanted to see the interveiw since Harry seemed to be hiding something. You went in YouTube and looked it up.You clicked on the first one. Harry had on the same outfit in that video as he was wearing now so you guessed this was the right one. You clicked play and watched. "so. how are things with you and Y/N going?" Ellen asks. "ummm ok" Harry replied with a sad expression on his face. "He's just scared to tell Y/N that he has to star in a movie with Taylor Swift and ends up kissing her and is afraid of what she will say." Louis says. You paused the video and went downstairs to where Harry was watching Darcy. "were you acting weird because you were scared to tell me that you would be in a movie with Taylor Swift and there is a kissing scene?" you ask with you arms crossed. you werent mad, you just wanted to scare the boy and she what he says. "ummm, im so sorry. i can tell the movie director to pick someone else to play the- " "Harry!, im not mad." you say with a chuckle. "You're not?" he asks with a confused look. "No, its only a movie and im sure you dont even like the girl." you say as you sit next to him. "and why were you so afraid to tell me about it?" "I dont know." he answers. You really did love how worried he got about what you were going to think of things that he did. You were really lucky to have him as a husband.

A/N this one kind of sucks but i really needed somethinf published so here you go :)

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