Preferences and imagines

preferences and imagines can be requested but otherwise i will make them up. hope you enjoy (:


9. giving your kid the "talk"

Harry: "Darcy, when you are older, a lot of boys are going to want to get into your pants." harry exclaimed to your 6 year old daughter. "why do they want to get into my pants?" she asked. "erm, because they are nasty and those are the kind of boys you dont want to talk to."

Niall: "Daddy some boy at my school asked me if i wanted to have sex, what does that mean?" your 5 year old daughter asked. you and Niall just looked at eachother suprised that she would ask that. "It means that he wants to make babies with you." you guys exclaimed. "so do i say yes?" "NO!! always say no. you are way to young for that!" Niall said quickly.

Zayn: "Jennette! me and mommy have to talk to you about something.!" zayn called to your daughter." your 11 year old daughter comes walking down the stairs." yes father. " she said. "you are getting to the age where boys will, well... they will-" "yes i know, they will want to use me for sex. i already know about all that stuff." " oh thank god" Zayn says relievingly.

Liam: "daddy what does having sex mean?" your 7 year old daughter nasked. "Sweety, it means making babies but remember to always use protection while doing it."

Louis: " i need to tell you a little about sex." louis says out of nowhere. "when two peeople fall in love, they will go in the bedroom and get naked. then, they will start rubbing against eachother and leave bruses around your body, thats how you were make." louis says with a big smile. "im never growing up." your daughter says with na shocked face.

a/n: thanks for reading and ill post more later, love you bunches :D

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