one direction Imaginies

i will make anny fanisy u want with one dorection..... anny u request them ill righte a chapter about it all u gotta do is give a dicription of what u look like or what u want to look like, the boy/boys u want, and wat you want to be hapining soo pleez ask away all welcome


6. imagine: Emily (Zayn)

 you are at school, you got a denenchin for kissing you husband in the hall way. you husband is Zayn Malic from the band One Direction. you guise have been together since the eighth grade and got married when you were 16. your purple hair was in a french braid and reached about half way down your back. you both had a detenchin and he was sitting right behind you and playing with the end of your braid and smileling every time you ternd around to tell him to stop as if he wasn't doing any thing wrong. 


"Mr. and Mrs. Malic i will be back in 20 minuets behave your selvs when im gone." you teacher said befor leaving the room. 

you automaticly get up to go over to Zayn but your stumic was hirting and you ran to the garbage and through up. he held your hair back wail singing in to your ear to come you down. after about 10 minuets of this you went to the nerse and she mad you take a pregnincy teas..... FUCK you were pergnet. you were married but it still was your sinour year and you dont want Zayn to be mad. 

you walked back to detenchin room with the test in your hand. when the teacher saw she walked out of the room and Zayn saw the test and said "what does it say?"

"positive" he walked over to you and piked you up and twrilled you around an said, "So im going to be a daddy?"

"yes" you said happy that he want mad. 

he got doen on his knees and kissed your belly and said " I love you Emily and our baby."

"I love you too, Zayn. 







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